Three women twerk on old man at senior’s center


Three women twerk on old man at senior’s center

When it comes to aging, people have different opinions about it. However, when it boils down it, very few people want their lives to come to an end. For one man, if his life did end in this moment, it would have been worth it. Apparently, the man was in a senior citizens’ home, but the facility decided to do something special for the patients. As a result, this man had three women dancing on him.

The older people get, the more they get forgotten. So, if a person gets older, and they have no family, many of them end up in nursing homes. However, the past couple of decades have seen the world embrace people of age. Actually, many older people don’t look, nor act as old as they actually are. For a few moments, this older man was actually young again.

An old man was having the time of his life, in the nursing home. For whatever reason, the center had women over who were entertaining the men in the facility. One man ended up being the winner, among the other gentlemen. Somehow, this man ended up with three ladies dancing all over him, and it was an enjoyable moment for him, clearly.


Three women twerk on old man at senior’s center


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