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Is it cold in here, or is it just us? Visible nipples are back in style, but if you’d rather keep that part of your body private, we’ve found the best nipple covers for all kinds of styling.

Perkies founder and CEO Rosie Mangiarotti calls nipple covers “a perfect option, because women can have the freedom from the constraint of a traditional bra, while achieving the light flexible coverage of nipple covers, and are still able to express themselves through their choice in outfit.”

Nipple covers are always a wardrobe essential, but they can especially come in handy if you’re embracing the sheer trend. If you adore the sexy or gauzy vibe of a sheer garment but aren’t ready to “free the nipple movement,” nipple covers are an easy solution. Plus, there are plenty of eye-catching nipple covers that make for a daring and chic accessory to wear with a sheer top or diaphanous dress.

And lest you think that these products are only to take the place of bras for small busts, we’ve included plenty of options for nipple covers and sticky bras for large busts. Some of them even provide lift and support that nearly rivals your trusty push-up bra — may just be more comfortable than your favorite T-shirt bra. A bold claim, but one that’s backed up by plenty of honest testers.

Nipple covers are particularly helpful if you’re looking for undergarments to wear with a wedding guest dress or even your own bridal gown, since these often are backless, strapless, or designed in such a way that makes it tricky to wear a bra. But they’re not just for special occasions. Plenty of people wear nipple covers underneath sports bras, bralettes, and wireless bras for added coverage. 

From the best waterproof nipple covers to the best nipple covers to wear under a white shirt, here are expert-backed picks for the best nipple covers.

Top Nipple Covers

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11 Best Nipple Covers

The Best Nipple Covers for Wedding Dress

Bristols 6 Nippies Reusable Nipple Covers

Size range: Small (A-C cups) and Large (D+ cups)
Shade options: Espresso, Hazelnut, Coco, Caramel, Creme
Materials: Silicone, silicone-based adhesive
Special features: Wide range of shades, reusable, comes with travel box
Pros: Designed to withstand water and sweat 
Cons: Only available in two sizes 
Amazon Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars
Nordstrom Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.8/5 stars

These are among the best adhesive nipple covers, according to Amazon’s “Breast Petals” bestsellers list. Dozens of customers say they wore these nipple covers to weddings (as a guest, bridesmaid, or bride) and that they stayed put even through humid conditions and hours on the dance floor. These Nippies nipple covers also come with a case, which makes for easy traveling to your next destination wedding. They’re also reusable, but be sure to follow the care instructions to preserve their lifespan.

What testers say: “Bought these for my wedding day because I had an off the shoulder and sheer open back gown so I couldn’t even wear a strapless bra but I wanted a little something. These were literally perfect!  The fact that you can wash them and reuse them sold me! They stayed on ALL day and ALL night, and I had a super heavy gown and sweated dancing. I totally forgot they were there, which was the cherry on top.”

Price upon publish date of this article: $26.50

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Nipple Covers for White Shirts

Perkies Petals

Size range: One size
Shade options: Light Nude, Medium Nude, Dark Nude
Materials: Silicone, Silicone Adhesive (hypoallergenic)
Special features: Donates 5% of proceeds to Breast Cancer Research Foundation 
Pros: Comes with travel case, thin edge, matte finish
Cons: Only available in one size
Amazon Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars
Shopbop Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 5/5 stars

You can wear these nipple covers under anything: bridal gowns, swimsuits, and yes, even that white t-shirt you’ve never been able to style with a bra. They’re washable, reusable, and designed to seamlessly blend into your body without creating any kind of obvious ridge underneath your sheer or fitted clothes. Another key feature is the fact that they’re matte, rather than shiny. This means that they won’t shine through if you’re posing for photos with the flash on. They also come with a travel case that makes it easy to take them on vacation. 

What testers say: “I’m pretty flat-chested, but I can now wear bodysuits (even white ones!) and wear these underneath and you can’t tell. They stay sticky. Have used dozens of times (just rinsed them a couple times and let them air dry).”

Price upon publish date of this article: $25

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Reusable Nipple Covers for Women

Nood No-Show Reusable Nipple Covers

Size range: One size 
Shade options: Buff, Soft Tan, Bronze, Coffee 
Materials: Matte silicone, medical-grade water-based silicone adhesive 
Special features: Petal design, extra-thin edges 
Pros: Waterproof and sweatproof, can be worn with pierced nipples, zinc-free and latex-free
Cons: Only available in one size
Revolve Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.8/5 stars
Shopbop Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 5/5 stars
Anthropologie Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.6/5 stars

This TikTok-famous nipple cover lives up to the hype. The tapered edge and range of colors offer a seamless look under any top, no matter how sheer or tight it is. But what truly stands out about these sticky bras is the longevity. According to the brand, you can expect to get between 50 to 100 wears out of these, provided you care for and store them properly. While we haven’t found any reviewers who used these 50+ times, several reviewers confirm that these have held up well for 5-10 uses already with no sign of becoming less sticky. The sizing aspect is a little confusing, but NOOD’s website suggests these come in one size measuring 3 inches across. They can also easily be trimmed down as needed. 

What testers say: “I tried these on with a white tank and they weren’t noticeable at all! Best part about these was I couldn’t feel them at all. I wore these on a 95 degree day and it felt so good to not have to wear a bra. Removing them was super easy too, and didn’t hurt at all.”

Price upon publish date of this article: $24

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Nipple Covers for Swimming

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Coverups

Size range: Size 1 (2.6 inches) and size 2 (3.5 inches) 
Shade options: Light, medium, dark, deep 
Materials: Silicone, adhesive 
Special features: Contoured design, easy to apply 
Pros: Affordable, comes with travel case 
Cons: Some reviewers wish the adhesive was stronger
Amazon Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars
Ulta Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.8/5 stars
Walmart Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars



13% off




12% off

These are some of the best silicone nipple covers you’ll find. They’re truly the perfect last-minute save, especially if you’re looking for the nipple covers to wear with a swimsuit, and come in four different shades and two sizes. They can be delivered next-day with Amazon Prime, and you can also usually find these at local drugstores if you need a pair ASAP. Designed with a slight contour, they conform to the breast and wear practically invisible. According to the brand, you can wear them up to 25 times; just be sure to clean and store them properly between uses. 

What testers say: “I was really worried that these would not stay in place while swimming and that they would show through thin bathing suits w/no padding. Neither is the case. They are SUPERB!”

Price upon publish date of this article: $12.99

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Nipple Covers on Amazon

Quxiang 4 Pairs Nipple Covers 

Size range: One size
Shade options: Flesh, Pink, and Coco
Materials: Silicone, adhesive
Special features: Comes with both round and scalloped pairs
Pros: Inexpensive, reusable
Cons: Only available in one size
Amazon Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars

These straightforward nipple covers are incredibly affordable, especially when you account for the fact that the set comes with four pairs, along with both rounded and scalloped nipple covers. If you have especially sensitive skin, you’ll appreciate that the middle of these covers (where your nipple goes) doesn’t have any adhesive. They can be worn several times, but when they’re so affordable that they’re definitely worth the occasional re-stock.

What testers say: “I am a chronic pain sufferer who has a lot of trouble with bras. These are a great asset, if you want to go braless and not show anything. They stick well and you don’t feel them at all. Also, usable many times.”

Price upon publish date of this article: $9.99

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best for The visible-nipple trend

Perkies Nips Nipple Enhancers

Size range: One size
Shade options: Shade options: Light Nude, Medium Nude, Dark Nude
Materials: Silicone, Silicone Adhesive (hypoallergenic)
Special features: Available with pierced options 
Pros: Provides the look of visible nipples even when it isn’t cold, comes with travel case
Cons: Only available in one size
Amazon Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars
Urban Outfitters Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.6/5 stars


Buy Now at Urban Outfitters

Samantha Jones said it in 2001, but it’s just as true today: Nipples are huge right now. “With the launch of the Skims Nipple Bra, we are seeing that perky nipples are a hot trend,” says Mangiarotti. “But, given that the it can’t be worn with any strapless/backless outfit, Perkies Nips Nipple Enhancers provide that same perky look.” (It’s also worth mentioning that Perkies’ Nips launched months ahead of Skims’ Nipple Bra.) You can even get a Perkies Nips iteration with a piercing, which is a low-stakes way to try the look out without actually getting pierced. They’re also a great option for people who have had their nipples removed as part of a mastectomy or other surgeries but still want the appearance of nipples.   

What testers say: “I’m a breast cancer survivor and advocate, and these are the best nipples in town — especially if you’ve lost yours to breast cancer! There are so many shades to choose from, they’re super comfortable to wear, and the packaging is sooooo pretty!”

Price upon publish date of this article: $35

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Nipple Covers for Lifting

Nood Game Changer Lift & Shape Bras

Size range: 1 to 4
Shade options: Buff, Soft Tan, Bronze, Coffee
Materials: Hemp, nylon, acrylic adhesive 
Special features: Provides coverage and lift 
Pros: Made with sustainable materials, supportive
Cons: Can be harsh on skin, one-time use
Nordstrom Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.8/5 stars
Revolve Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.8/5 stars
Free People Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.7/5 stars

Coverage is one thing, but if you want nipple covers that also provide support, you’ll want to check these out. The Game Changer Lift & Shape Bra pulls everything up and makes your cleavage look even better when you’re wearing something with a plunging neckline. It’s made with a breathable hemp and nylon material that also happens to be waterproof, so you could even wear this nipple cover set with a swimsuit. You’ll want to read the instructions for this set closely before applying to avoid irritated skin, since nipple protection is essential. 

What testers say: “They push you up and in from every angle so you get such gorgeous cleavage! I wore mine at a pool party brunch and left them on afterwards to go out with friends and they didn’t budge. That was over 12 hours!”

Price upon publish date of this article: $49

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Bandages for Nipple Covers

Living Jin Nipple Covers

Size range: One size
Shade options: One shade 
Materials: Double-layered fabric, gauze, non-adhesive gel
Special features: Designed for exercise and water activity
Pros: Affordable, painless to remove
Cons: Not reusable
Amazon Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars

If you often turn to bandages to cover up or protect your nipples, you might want to consider this less painful option. It’s designed to keep nipples from chafing during a run or other activity, but can also absolutely be used to cover up your nipples when you don’t want them peeking through your top. They come off easier than most bandages, especially if you follow the instructions and remove them in the shower. At $26 for a box of 100, they’re certainly more affordable than many other nipple covers or sticky bras on the market.

What testers say: “I’ve never liked the way my nipples protruded, especially while wearing sweat wicking workout or golf shirts. These protectors hide those nips. They also protect them from nipple abrasion while wearing any shirt. The only concern is to be sure and clean off any adhesion residue after you take them off. If you don’t, your skin may be somewhat irritated later in the day.”

Price upon publish date of this article: $25.99

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Nipple Covers for Breastfeeding

Gatherall Women’s Nipple Covers

Size range: One size
Shade options: Latte, cream, mocha, noir 
Materials: Silicone, adhesive
Special features: Extra-thin design, reusable
Pros: Waterproof, sweatproof, reviewers say the adhesive stays sticky through repeated use
Cons: Only available in one size
Target Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.6/5 stars
Macy’s Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.5/5 stars

Another one of Mangiarotti’s recommendations is Gatherall. This female-founded company makes both nipple coverings and sticky bras, along with accessories like rice paper soap to help maintain the life of your nipple covers and a nipple protector set for users with sensitive skin. Though they’re not the same thing as nipple shields — which have a hole in them that allows the baby to breastfeed — these are a great solution for breastfeeding mothers. According to testers, they’re very easy to take off for feedings and then stick back on. They’re sweatproof and waterproof, which means they also won’t absorb any leakage.

What testers say: “I am currently breastfeeding and I wanted to find a way to wear my usual cute dresses in a season that I do not feel particularly beautiful or put together. These work! They do stay put. Now for breastfeeding mamas, I would buy a couple of pairs and swap them out when you feed. I only have the one pair, so I simply reapplied it when my baby was done feeding. It still held!”

Price upon publish date of this article: $28

11 Best Nipple Covers

The best Expert-Recommended Nipple Covers

Cakes Body Nipple Covers

Size range: A-AA,  B-DD, DDD+
Shade options: Honey, Caramel, Cocoa
Materials: 100% medical-grade silicone 
Special features: Good for sensitive skin
Pros: No adhesive makes these good for sensitive skin
Cons: Since there’s no adhesive, some people may have difficulty getting these to stay put under loose tops

“Cakes Body Nipple Covers are best suited for women who seek extra coverage as their nipple covers come in plus sizes up to a DDD+,” says Mangiarotti. The brand also offers the Cakes OG for B to DD cups and Cakes Itty Bitty for A to AA cups. Unlike many products in this space, these are actually non-adhesive nipple covers.They grip your body using body heat, which makes them ideal for users with sensitive skin. That also means they work best when worn under snug tops rather than ones with a lot of movement. They’re also designed to be reusable, sweatproof and waterproof.  

What testers say: “I saw someone review them on TikTok so I wanted to give them a try and I am so so happy I did! I went with the Cakes+ for more coverage because I hate when you can see the outline under tight tops and they are completely unnoticeable! I have worn them with tight tops, bodysuits, dresses, under athletic tops, wherever I can. I waited to write my review until I gave them a solid try after multiple wears and they are still in perfect shape and flawless every single time!”

Price upon publish date of this article: $30

11 Best Nipple Covers

Best Flower Nipple Covers

Lollipetals Reusable Nipple Covers

Best Fashion Nipple Covers 
Size range: One size
Shade options: Light Nude, Medium Nude, Tan Nude, Dark Nude, Pink Rose, Red Poppy, Purple Pansy
Materials: Silicone, High-quality silicone glue
Special features: Available in “Ultra” and “Gentle” adhesive options
Pros: Fun design, reusable
Cons: Only available in one size
Verishop Top-Quality Store Badge on Google: 4.7/5 stars

Who says nipple covers have to be boring? These sexy nipple covers from Lollipetals have a beautiful flower design. Wear these under a gauzy top to let them pop, or wear them under your regular outfit as a fun little pick-me-up, similar to the feeling of wearing special lingerie. They come with both gentle and ultra adhesive options. Gentle is better for sensitive skin and ideally should be worn with structured tops; Ultra is better for longtime wear and can be worn with structured or loose tops (or no top!) without slipping.  

What testers say: I have to say I’m skeptical of anything that claims to be “sticky”, as a very sweaty woman from Central Texas. But consider me proven wrong! I have worn my Lollipetals 6 to 7 times this summer and they haven’t let me down yet. And they’re so pretty, too.

Price upon publish date of this article: $32

What to Look for In the Best Nipple Covers

  • Size: Some retailers offer nipple covers in different sizes according to your cup size, while others are one-size-fits-all. You’ll likely want one that’s more tailored to your cup size if you want it to provide a little bit of lift. It may also be a good idea to measure your areolas and compare them against the measurements for different pairs of nipple guards to ensure you’re getting the coverage you want. 
  • Skin tone: “Another key is finding nipple covers that come in a variety of shades of nude,” says Mangiarotti. “Each skin tone is different and by no means is there a one shade fits all. Looking for a nipple cover brand that provides at least three skin tones is key for that perfectly blended option.” 
  • Structure: “A seamless option is key. No one wants to see the outline of their nipple cover through a tight fitted top,” says Mangiarotti. Look for ones that have tapered edges and are contoured to follow the curve of your chest. 
  • Special features: Consider the circumstances in which you’ll likely be wearing the nipple covers. If you’ll be wearing them on a tropical vacation, look for special features like “sweatproof” or “waterproof.” If you want to get in on the free-the-nip movement, look for ones that have built-in nipples. If you want to add a little excitement to your outfit, look for ones with a fun design. 
  • Reusability: Most (but not all) nipple covers on this list are reusable. Be sure you follow the care instructions to ensure that they stay in good condition so that you can wear them over and over. If you prefer single-use covers, there are a few affordable options on this list that would be a great fit for you. 
  • Adhesives: If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to pay special attention to the adhesives used in nipple covers. Look through reviews to see what people are saying about taking the nipple cover off, and be sure you always follow the product’s directions for application and removal to avoid a painful experience. If that’s enough to scare you off, you can look for non-adhesive nipple covers.

Different Types of Nipple Covers

  • Silicone nipple covers: These are among the most common nipple covers you’ll find. These are essentially what you imagine when you think of nipple covers: a curved piece of adhesive or non-adhesive silicone that conceals the nipple. They’re usually designed to match your skin tone. 
  • Breast petals: These are typically thinner than silicone nipple covers and are often single-use items rather than reusable ones. As the name suggests, they’re usually flower-shaped with scalloped edges. Rather than silicone, they’re generally made with cotton, rayon, polyester, or other flexible materials. They’re probably when you envision when you think of pasties. 
  • Sticky bra: Like a silicone nipple cover, these are usually contoured, skin-colored covers with an adhesive back to keep it affixed. But while nipple covers generally don’t provide any lift, sticky bras are designed to provide a little bit of support, which can make your cleavage more prominent. 
  • Boob tape: This typically comes in long strips and can be used to cover the nipples and provide lift. The benefit of boob tape is that it can be cut and styled in different ways according to the top that you’re wearing. It’s generally meant for one-time use and can be challenging for beginners, but that’s nothing a YouTube or TikTok video or two can’t help with.

How We Selected the Best Nipple Covers

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We reached out to several fashion and industry experts for their advice on choosing nipple covers as well as specific product recommendations. We also researched the market to see which nipple covers were especially popular among testers and reviewers. Much of our research involved sifting through dozens of tester reviews to read their firsthand impressions of the pieces. We made sure to include nipple covers for different breast sizes, skin tones, styling needs, and specific functions. Learn more about us here.

Meet the Experts

Rosie Mangiarotti is the founder and CEO of Perkies, a company that makes nipple covers and sticky bras. In addition to founding Perkies, Mangiarotti has six years of experience working in the nipple cover and sticky bra space. She’s also the creator of Stickie Masks, a line of masks with medical grade adhesives on the bridge to prevent glasses from fogging up.

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