Nicki Minaj twerked for Kai Cenat and his team


Nicki Minaj twerked for Kai Cenat and his team

Nicki Minaj always knows how to command attention and twerking is one way. Through her career, she’s made a name for herself with her body. Most impressively, Nicki Minaj’s body never overshadowed what she provides, as an artist. In other words, she’s still regarded as one of the toughest lyricists in the game, and is still a top selling artist. One reason why is because Nicki adapted to the times. As a result, she’s doing a live stream with Kai Cenat, twerking for him and his guys, promoting her album.

Nicki Minaj emerged towards the end of the old ways of doing things. She’s one of the last rappers to go platinum by selling one million physical CDs. Also, she’s one of the last rappers to go on media rounds doing traditional interviews. As a result, many of the changes the industry went through took place during the prime of her career. Had Nicki broken through a few years sooner, she would likely have diamond albums under her belt.

Nicki Minaj went on Kai Cenat’s live stream in promotion of Pink Friday 2. As a result, Kai Cenat had the most viewed live stream of his career. Meanwhile, Nicki has the number one album in the nation, despite her being upset over her first week numbers. While she is checking in at 200,000 copies sold in her first week, Nicki and her camp wanted 500,000. Despite that not happening, she gave Kai Cenat’s team a good show, as she ended up twerking for them.

Nicki Minaj twerked for Kai Cenat and his team


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