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‘This is about our rights as women’

Mandana Karimi left her home in Iran at 19 and found success in the Indian film industry. However, the actress is well aware of the atrocities being committed in the Middle Easter Country, and the recent hijab row which saw a woman die. The actress has now opened up on the situation back home which […]

Juveniles Cause Chaos, Ransack Philadelphia Convenience Store Leaving Trail Of Destruction

A group of about 100 young people reportedly ransacked a Wawa convenience store in Philadelphia, hurling food and drinks at one another. A video of the whole incident was captured, including that of a belligerent woman twerking on a counter at 7001 Roosevelt Blvd. at around 8:20 p.m. There was also one employee who captured […]

Nicki Minaj Rails Against YouTube After Platform Age-Restricts Her New Music Video

Nicki Minaj fired off at YouTube on Monday afternoon after the platform age-restricted her “Likkle Miss Remix” music video with dancehall artist Skeng, alleging that the company is “in bed” with rival artists’ camps. “Imagine this. They restricted my fucking video but have things a million fucking times worse on their bogus fking platform,” Minaj […]

Kendall Jenner Was Chill About Showing Nipple During First Runway

Freeing the nipple is not usually an at-work activity, but if you’re a runway model/influencer extraordinaire, then, well, “usual” is not a word that accurately describes anything about your life, including the advisability of workplace nipple-baring. So, why all the nipples-at-work babbling? Blame Kendall Jenner, who brought the topic to the forefront in a new […]