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Lethal Company - Twerk Emote


Lethal Company - Twerk Emote

News: In Lethal Company, gamers can elevate their gaming journey by executing the twerk emote. To achieve this action, players must download and install the “More Emotes” mod crafted by Zeekerss. This modification introduces an assortment of personalized emotes available for players to utilize while immersed in the gameplay.

About Lethal Company

Lethal Company, an enthralling action-adventure indie game, is the brainchild of Zeekerss, responsible for both its development and publication. Marking its debut in Early Access on October 24, 2023, the game’s narrative centers on hired workers scavenging deserted moons for scrap, aiming to meet the Company’s profit objectives.

Within the game, players can relish cooperative gameplay, employ survival strategies, and delve into haunting, industrial terrains. Maneuvering through diverse hazards, employing tools, and safeguarding their crew, players endeavor to fulfill quotas while enhancing their ship’s capabilities.

Enabling the Twerk Emote

To unlock the twerk emote feature in Lethal Company, players need to install the More Emotes mod. This mod not only adds the twerk emote but also introduces five additional expressive gestures for players to use while playing the game.

Once the mod is installed, players can allocate key bindings to trigger various emotes, including the twerk emote. Initially, the twerk emote is set to the key 7, but players can personalize the key binding to suit their preferences.

Installing the More Emotes Mod

To add the More Emotes mod to Lethal Company, players need to visit the Thunderstore website and search for the particular version of the mod they desire. Once found, the mod can be downloaded and installed. It’s crucial to have the BepInEx-BepInExPack installed to ensure seamless functioning of the mod.

Following the extraction of the mod files into the primary game folder, players can start the game and access the newly added emotes via the Mods section within the Menu interface.

Gameplay in Lethal Company

Lethal Company’s gameplay centers on the exhilarating challenge of scavenging deserted moons to gather valuable scrap for the Company. Players must navigate perilous landscapes, gather crucial resources, and shield their crew from lurking threats.

With a significant focus on exploration, defense, and collaboration, the game offers an immersive and captivating experience for players, emphasizing the importance of teamwork within its gameplay dynamics.

To execute the twerk emote in Lethal Company, players need to install the More Emotes mod and configure the key binding for the twerk emote. Accessible on the Thunderstore website, this mod enriches the gaming experience by introducing a range of expressive gestures.

Immersing themselves in the captivating world of Lethal Company involves exploring deserted moons, meeting profit targets, and ensuring the safety of their crew. These activities allow players to deeply engage with the game’s immersive environment and challenges.


Question: Are there additional emotes available apart from the twerk emote?

Answer: Indeed, the More Emotes mod offers five other emotive gestures for players to enjoy while playing.

Question: Is it possible to personalize the key binding for the twerk emote?

Answer: Absolutely, players can modify the key binding as per their liking.

Question: From where can I get the More Emotes mod?

Answer: You can download the More Emotes mod from the Thunderstore website.


With the installation of the More Emotes mod in Lethal Company, gamers can unlock the fun and expressive twerk emote, along with a variety of other emotive gestures, to enhance their gameplay experience. The game’s focus on cooperation, survival, and exploration provides an immersive and thrilling environment for players to truly engage with one another and the challenges presented within the game.

By following the step-by-step mod installation guide, players can seamlessly integrate the More Emotes mod into the game and begin enjoying the added features to elevate their gaming journey.


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