What’s the point of debates anymore?

The year was 1980. The place was Cleveland’s Music Hall. The event was must-see TV. It was the second presidential debate, featuring Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, and it birthed a number of memorable moments. There was Reagan’s chiding line, “There you go again.” And his pointed question about Carter’s feeble first term: “Ask yourself: ‘Are […]

Diablo 4 Necromancer wearing shop armor holding a sword and shield

Oops! Blizzard accidentally nerfs every Diablo 4 player on the same day its brutally hard new dungeon releases

Today, Blizzard opened the gates to Diablo 4’s hardest endgame dungeon, a seasonal event called the Abattoir of Zir. Experienced players have been gearing up for this moment for weeks, perfecting their builds to tackle the first tier of a dungeon that the developer teased might be completely impossible at its highest difficulty level. But […]