Laughter turns into moving reaction for Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show as Kapil Sharma shares profound message about parents


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show is known for her famous laughter on the Sony TV comedy show. But her laughter turned into an emotional reaction as the show’s host, Kapil Sharma, shared a profound message about parents.

In a video message, Kapil could be heard talking about the importance of parents and why one must never leave them alone. He said, “One can plan anything but no one can plan better than our parents. That’s because our parents plan from their heart.”

Kapil continued, “When a child is small, parents start investing money in different funds for a better future. When children start going to schools, parents start planning to secure admissions in the best schools and colleges. After they complete their education, parents start planning for their weddings.”

“Parents start building additional floors in their house so that their children can live with their wives and children. But just when a father is busy planning to keep his flock together, his son informs him, ‘Dad, Anjali and I have decided to settle in the US’.”

This, according to Kapil, leaves a father sad as his dream comes crashing down by the news of an imminent split in his family. Archana, who reacted mild laughter up until now became serious as Kapil continued.

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Kapil said, “The house built by the father with an intention to keep his children and grandchildren around becomes deserted once again. If you look at the verandah of the house carefully, as if it is saying, ‘when will my children come back?’”

No sooner did Kapil complete his sentence, Archana gave her emotional reaction by clapping in appreciation of the show host’s profound message.

Archana wasn’t the only one to be moved by Kapil’s words of wisdom on parents. Kapil also struck a chord with his fans as one wrote, “The biggest temple is of your parents.” Another wrote, “I think we all shouldn’t wait to know the sacrifice until we become parents. This can be realized even before Marriage.”

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Kapil had recalled his bonding with his late father during his debut Netflix show,  I’m not done yet earlier this year. His fans were stunned to see Kapil in tears as he remembered his father on the show.

Kapil has been making India laugh for years making the comedian a household name in the country. The highlight of Kapil’s Netflix debut was the comedian-actor baring it all as he decided to speak about controversies that had landed him in deep trouble in the past. He also made several revelations that have remained away from public knowledge until now.


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