Today hosts’ most embarrassing live TV blunders revealed including teleprompter fails & hot mic moments


THEY say anything can happen on live TV. And perhaps no one knows that better than the hosts of NBC’s Today show.

The morning show men and women have routinely been caught in awkward and embarrassing moments, with no way to escape or wait for someone to yell “cut!”

Hoda Kotb had a little something caught in her teeth


Hoda Kotb had a little something caught in her teethCredit: Twitter/@hodaandjenny
Savannah Guthrie was caught wearing he shirt backwards


Savannah Guthrie was caught wearing he shirt backwardsCredit: ABC/Instagram

And for some, the blunders have happened repeatedly.

Longtime host Savannah Guthrie found herself the victim of a wardrobe malfunction earlier this year, when she discovered that she had been wearing her shirt backwards without realizing, live on the air.

Savannah posted on her Instagram Stories after the show.

After holding out her shirt with a slight smile on her face, she captioned the photo: “Realizing you wore your shirt backward all morning. #Monday.”

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The 50-year-old donned a white ruffled shirt with gray stripes on it, along with a denim skirt.

Savannah held the front of the shirt out to show the tag in the front of it.

She also posted another photo of herself smiling on set which read: “In happier times (before I realized my shirt was backward).”

It happened before as well


It happened before as wellCredit: Savannah Guthrie/Twitter

However, viewers noticed that this wasn’t the first time Savannah wore her clothes backward.

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Back in January 2020, Savannah pointed out her mistake.

Posting two photos on social media of herself in a red dress with black patterns, the host made a face as she wore her dress backward.

“Put my dress on my backward and didn’t notice til too late to change so now I’m like [choking sound],” she captioned the photo.


Savannah was caught with a hot mic


Savannah was caught with a hot micCredit: NBC

Just weeks later, Savannah found herself in the hot seat again, thanks to a hot mic.

The host apparently had no idea her microphone was on during weather reporter Al Roker’s forecast.

As Al went through his weather maps, his audio cut out, leaving only background noise to be heads.

That is, until Savannah’s mic suddenly opened, and she could be heard questioning “What do I do?” in reference to Al’s silence.

The camera then cut to Savannah standing in the Plaza who said the weather legend’s famous catchphrase: “Alright and now let’s get a check of the weather in your neck of the woods.”

A giddy Savannah looked off camera, saying: “I’ve always wanted to do tha-,” but then she was cut off, and her mic was silenced once more.


Sheinelle felt like a real weiner after her slip-up


Sheinelle felt like a real weiner after her slip-up

Sheinelle Jones is still relatively new to the Today show, having only joined the third hour as a co-host in 2019.

But that hasn’t stopped her from suffering her own memorable moments.

Earlier this month, Sheinelle, 44, was reading a story about Country star Maren Morris meeting basketball great Shaquille O’Neal.

The host explained that Maren performed at a Las Vegas charity gala hosted by Shaq.

The two stars posed behind the scenes, showing off their vast height difference in a now viral photo.

As Sheinelle was explaining the difference in their height, she suffered a slip of the tongue, referring to the singer as a “Grammy wiener” before quickly recovering and correcting herself by saying the Grammy winner.

After a quick snicker she and continued reading.


Sheinelle and Dylan Dryer share a tense moment over a butter board


Sheinelle and Dylan Dryer share a tense moment over a butter boardCredit: NBC

Sometimes, what can start as an awkward moment can devolve into a major mix-up.

That’s what happened as Sheinelle and co-host Dylan Dryer chowed down live on-air last month.

The two were presenting a segment on butter boards, which are a new take on traditional charcuterie boards, and showcase a variety of spreads for snacks.

As Dylan dove into a cracker smeared with butter from the board, Sheinelle looked at her notes and said abruptly: “Alright, your question’s next.”

Caught with her mouth full, Dylan paused and said in confusion: “I already did my question!”

Sheinelle looked stressed and consulted her notes again, looking to her fellow presenters for help.

She eventually realized, “Oh, it’s my turn!” just as Dylan chimed in: “You’re next,” amid the growing tension.


Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager help each other out


Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager help each other outCredit: Twitter/@hodaandjenny

Most recently, Hoda Kotb interrupted a segment on the show to help her co-host, Jenna Bush Hager, get some food out of her teeth during an embarrassing live television moment.

Hoda, 58, was talking with Jenna , 40, about fall decor when she stopped to point out the detail.

Jenna was talking on live television about how autumn colors like orange and yellow are associated with overall happiness and positivity when Hoda interrupted.

Hoda braced her teeth and pointed toward the bottom section to make a scrubbing motion.

She said: “Go like this, big time.”

Jenna replied: “You have something too.”

Hoda exclaimed: “You weren’t going to say anything!”

Jenna then explained: “Well, yours is hidden – yours is down here, hold on.”

She reached across the hosting desk to help Hoda out.

Jenna, “It’s right here,” and then asked, “Why, every day do we -“

Hoda finished her statement: “We don’t know how to do it. We don’t know, because we’re not like those girls.”

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Jenna laughed through the awkward moment and told Hoda: “I like you said, ‘Go like this, big time.’ Jeez!”

Hoda and Jenna both laughed.


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