Veteran Bollywood Star Compared Her Daughter’s Shoes, Gave A Befitting Reply From Achievement


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Welcome to ‘Star Talks’. Today we will introduce you to that personality who changed 8 houses in Mumbai in the last 7 years. In fact, he had to change his rented house every 11 months. But, now they have got relief from this problem.

We are talking about actress-politician Archana Gautam, who has recently bought her own house in the city of dreams, Mumbai. By the way, the price of this house is not in lakhs but in crores. According to Archana, many years ago, a veteran Bollywood actor-villain had compared her shoes with his daughter’s. Archana was praying that the actor stays alive to see her achievements. He is happy that it happened the way he wanted.

Let us tell you, Archana has taken a 2BHK in Andheri West, a posh area of ​​Mumbai. She is the first member of her family whose name plate ‘Gautam’ will be installed outside her house. Actually, Archana’s father had a small land which was grabbed by his own family members. He did not fight with those family members for the sake of his child and wife. After this incident, he was never able to build his own house.

Now Archana has bought a house but it was not easy to fulfill this dream. His political connection came in between his dreams. There were some savings in the account, relying on which she set out to buy a house worth crores, but no one was ready to give her a loan.

Recently, Archana gave Dainik Bhaskar a tour of her new house, the furniture work of which is yet to begin. She is soon going to start the interior design of her new house and will shift there with her parents by April this year. Archana is very happy with this achievement.

During the interview, she told that she wants to focus completely on the interior of her new house and that is why she is not taking on much work. However, he invested his savings in this house and even mortgaged his mother’s jewellery. Currently, she has many offers from films to music videos which she will sign soon.

The bubbly Archana also showed us her house and talked openly about the questions of her professional and personal life.

Bollywood veteran actor,the villain said, You can’t even match my daughter’s shoes.

Archana says, in the initial phase of my career in Mumbai, I met a legend/veteran actor-villain. He also has a daughter who herself is a part of the film industry. I told him- ‘Sir, I am a big fan of you and your daughter. In the future, I want to be like your daughter.

So on this he said – ‘You cannot even be equal to my daughter’s shoes.’ I have not been able to forget this statement of his till date. From that time onwards I used to pray that the actor should remain alive to see my achievement and my wish was finally fulfilled.

Every room has a special balcony from which the outside view looks very beautiful.

The specialty of the new house is its balcony. Every room has a special balcony from which the outside view looks very beautiful. Whenever I get free time, I like to spend time on the balcony. I am very fond of cooking and I also make vlogs. Keeping this in mind, I have asked my interior designer to make the kitchen such that we can do the shooting easily.

Everyone present in the kitchen should have good expressions. It is planned to build a puja room at the entry of the house, near which a big picture of Gautam Buddha will be installed. Let me tell you, some actors live in the location where I have taken the house (can’t take names) but I will live like a queen in my building. There is no actor living in that building, I have already become a favorite of the people there.

there was a small land in the village, That too was snatched away by our family members

See, one is the dream of having one’s own house and the other is the need. I was needed. My father was a police officer but unfortunately he could not do much work. We did not save money. Neither do we have our own house in Meerut nor in Mumbai. There was a small land in the village, that too was snatched away by our family members. I don’t know how many years I and my family members have been wandering in rented houses.

People living in rented houses do not even get passport easily

People living in rented houses do not even get passport easily. My passport was made because of my profession but my mother’s passport has not been made yet. But now, slowly everything is coming on track. Ready to take my mother around the world. Now the electricity bill will come in my name, I will also have a permanent address, believe me, there is no greater happiness than this for me at this time.

Due to political background, no one was ready to give loan.

By the way, let me tell you that I had to face many difficulties in fulfilling this dream. The people who gave me the most trouble were the ones who gave me the loan. Because of my political background, no one was ready to give me a loan. I was ready to pay even double the interest but every time my loan got rejected.

After a lot of pleading, only 30 percent of my loan was approved. I invested all the money I earned from ‘Bigg Boss’, ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’, ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ in this house. Not only this, he has also mortgaged his mother’s jewellery. I have promised them that I will return their jewelery soon.

The house where he tried to commit suicide, Now I want to buy it

I have changed 7-8 houses in Mumbai. During the lockdown, the rent of the house where she lived was Rs 65 thousand per month. There was no work at that time, due to which I went into depression. I became so scared that I tried to commit suicide by standing on the balcony of that house. Then mother took care of me.

Today my wish is to buy the same house in which I once wanted to commit suicide. I will fulfill this dream soon.

Archana Gautam’s car collection

Archana likes to live a queen size life and let us tell you that she is the owner of Kia Sonet. He bought this car in 2021. The price of this car is approximately Rs 10 lakh.

Archana’s annual income is around 3.5 estimated at crores of rupees

Archana Gautam has established herself as a successful actress in the industry. Apart from her acting career, she earns from brand endorsements, modeling and other events. She was one of the most popular contestants in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. She used to charge Rs 3 lakh per week for this show.

Whereas for ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’ he used to get Rs 5 lakh per episode. Archana has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. According to reports, his annual income is estimated to be around Rs 3.5 crore.

Archana Gautam’s career in entertainment industry

Archana started her career as a model. She won Miss Bikini India 2018. Model turned actress Archana started her acting career in 2016 with ‘Great Grand Masti’. Played the role of a village belle in the film. After this, she acted in many films like ‘Haseena Parkar’, ‘Barat Company’ and ‘Junction Varanasi’.

She became famous after participating in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ and grabbed headlines from the first day of the show.

Archana Gautam’s political career

Archana started her political career in November 2021 when she joined the Indian National Congress and contested the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly election from Hastinapur (Assembly constituency). However, she lost the seat to the opposition. The actress said that she is currently taking a break from her political career, but she will definitely return to politics in future.


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