Kanye West Might Need To Take Risks To Impress Wife Bianca Censori on Her Birthday: Experts

Kanye West

An expert predicted that Kanye West would take risks to celebrate Bianca Censori’s birthday, especially since he has been known for throwing extravagant parties for his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

West has found himself in hot water after posting risqué photos of his wife that showed little to the imagination. However, he reportedly thought of revamping his image by celebrating Censori’s image – though the way he would celebrate it could require him to take risks.

Kanye West Wants To Avoid Comparison Between Bianca Censori and Kim Kardashian

PR expert Kieran Elsby spoke to The Mirror regarding West’s potential birthday bash for Censori. While he had always thrown jaw-dropping parties for Kardashian, he reportedly wants to avoid the comparison if he would do it again.

“He might crave attention and positive headlines, but a Kardashian-esque party could fuel negative press, especially after his recent controversial remarks,” the PR expert continued.

Kieran said that even a small celebration could attract paparazzi and media scrutiny. Thus, West might want to prepare a more low-key event for Censori.

“Bianca seems more private than Kim. Kanye might appreciate a calmer, more intimate celebration for her, possibly involving shared passions like art or fashion. This could also help build their image as a united couple without the Kardashian theatrics,” he continued.

West would reportedly balance things: to have an intimate party while also garnering positive press.

On the other hand, PR expert Mayah Riaz agreed to the comment and told the media outlet that the Yeezy founder would set aside his extravagant gestures to offer a more peaceful and enjoyable day for the designer.

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Kim Kardashian Copying Bianca Censori and Vice Versa?

While West is said to be doing his best to avoid comparison, both Kardashian and Censori have been accused of copying each other.

Most recently, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” alum posted a carousel of photos of herself at an art gallery wearing matching fur outfits. Fans immediately left comments and accused her of copying Censori’s outfit when she was spotted with West at Amina Muaddi’s pop-up store in Dubai.

Meanwhile, Censori was also seen wearing a thong from Kardashian’s SKIMS brand and received comments that she looked like West’s ex-wife.

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