All the times Kim Kardashian’s daughter North, 9, mocked famous mom in hilarious videos


KIM Kardashian may be one of the world’s most recognizable women, but to her pre-teen daughter, she’s just mom.

And like many teens and pre-teens, North West can turn sarcastic, and mock her mom.

Kim Kardashian and daughter North have a special bond


Kim Kardashian and daughter North have a special bondCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
North West recently mocked some of her mother's most famous meltdowns


North West recently mocked some of her mother’s most famous meltdownsCredit: kimandnorth/TikTok

This past week, North destroyed her mom in a viral TikTok where she ruthlessly parodied some of Kim’s greatest TV moments.

The nine-year-old recreated Kim’s infamous yellow Balenciaga tape outfit and lip-synced to some of the star’s biggest meltdowns.

North paid homage to Kim’s Balenciaga look by wrapping yellow caution tape around her chest while wearing an oversized black T-shirt and pink shorts.

The Kardashians star, 42, attracted much ridicule in March when she wore a bodysuit made entirely of the tape while attending a Balenciaga fashion show in Paris.

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North got further into character by wearing a long pale blonde wig and large black sunglasses.

Filming in Kim’s dressing room at her $60million LA mansion, the preteen lip-synced to her mom saying: “Hi, I’m Kim Kardashian West.”

She then pretended to cry and mimed to audio of Kim wailing, “You don’t think I feel bad? I feel sad!” from an old KUWTK episode.

North then lip-synced to: “I hate my sisters! I never want to look at their ugly faces again!”

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The clip ended with Kim’s eldest daughter pretending to swear and lashing out at the camera as Kim’s voice could be heard yelling: “Rude!”

It’s just the latest example of North mocking her famous mom online.


North poked fun at her mom's memorable quote


North poked fun at her mom’s memorable quoteCredit: kimandnorth/TikTok

Just a few days earlier, North was back in the lip-syncing game, having fun with one of her mom’s most famous quotes.

In another joint TikTok video, as Kim was driving, an audio clip was played from back in 2015, when the KUWTK star appeared on The Wendy Williams show.

In the new video, Kim played the role of Wendy, and asked: “You don’t have tattoos anywhere?”

North, playing the role of her mom in this scenario, smiled and rejected the notion of getting tattoos on her skin.

She replied: “No! Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

The pre-teen then scrunched her face and eyebrows and gave the camera a befuddled look.


Kim Kardashian and North scared up some fun baking Halloween cupcakes


Kim Kardashian and North scared up some fun baking Halloween cupcakesCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian

In October, Kim took to social media to show off some Halloween cupcakes they had baked – but North was quick to correct her.

As the mom-of-four filmed a baking tray full of colorful, spooky treats, she narrated the video for her 332 million followers.

“We made some Halloween cupcakes,” she began, but North quickly interrupted her and said: “I did, not you! You helped me mix it.”

Clearly taken aback by her daughter’s cheeky words, Kim quickly replied: “I helped you mix it, who poured it? Who poured it?”

Responding to her mom, North said: “You,” before adding with a grin: “But I decorated them.”


North roasted her mom for using a special 'influencer voice'


North roasted her mom for using a special ‘influencer voice’Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim’s physical skills aren’t North’s only target. She once mocked her own mother’s voice.

As Kim recently recorded a video for fans, her daughter accused her of changing her vocal range.

“Why do you talk like that?” North asked.

Kim replied curiously: “Talk different from what? For my videos I’m the same human being. How do I talk different?”

Taking the cue, North then delivered a sarcastic impersonation of her mother, using a high pitched, whiney voice.

“Guys! So today I got this new mask, and this new bronzer,” North said, exaggerating and emphasising each word.

Online, fans were hysterical.

“Sounds like (North’s) starting to understand sarcasm, lol.” one fan commented.

Another added: “North was put on this earth to humble Kim.”

While a third looked to the future: “I can’t wait to see North as a teenager. It only gets worse and worse, lmao.”


Kim Kardashian's daughter found her spotlight by crashing her mom's confessional


Kim Kardashian’s daughter found her spotlight by crashing her mom’s confessionalCredit: Hulu

Even Kim’s television show is not safe from North’s mockery.

At the very end of the fourth episode of season two, an outtake was shown of Kim as she tried to film a confessional.

As Kim spoke to the cameras, her eldest child’s face popped into frame and she giggled as her famous mom told her: “Get out of here.”

The Skims founder was then seen squeezing her daughter’s cheeks together as she repeated: “You got to get out of here, girl.”

North giggled some more but Kim then got serious and tugged on her braids and said: “Honey, you got to move over.

“I’m gonna do my…” she continued as nine-year-old North edged even closer to her.

“No, not closer! That way,” Kim told her, pointing to the left.

As North budged a little bit, Kim added: “No, all the way out of the camera.”

When she thought her daughter had finally listened, Kim continued her confessional, but North suddenly waved her arm in front of the camera.

“Nope, nope!” a frustrated member of the crew shouted as Kim licked her lips and looked a bit annoyed.


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