Charleston White No Longer Interested In ‘Stupid’ Cardi B



Charleston White has revealed that his crush on Cardi B has dissipated now that the “Up” rapper has decided to go out and live her life.

The controversial YouTuber took to his social media pages on Sunday (December 24) to reveal how his crush flew out the window after Cardi was captured twerking to Sexyy Red‘s new track, “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad).”

“I don’t like Cardi B no more,” White said to his wife in the video. “She out in the club saying, ‘fuck her baby daddy.’ First all, that not her baby daddy, that her husband. That bitch stupid.”

He continued: “Why would a woman who be wronged by her husband go be wrong? She was dignified when they were together, why can’t she be dignified now? You’re somebody. Why you want to go back and be a ratchet, raggedy ass bitch and a hoe?”

Check out his comments below:

Last weekend, a shirtless Charleston White took to social media attempting to woo the newly single Grammy Award-winning mother of two.

“I fuck with the Migos. But why I sure would like to get on a date with Cardi B,” he began. “Her and that boy broke up and it’s only fair, she fair game now. Say, why I sure would like to go on a date with Cardi B. Cardi B, can I take you out?”

White offered a virtual date for the world to see as he suggested they both go to separate restaurants and hop on Instagram Live to talk with each other.

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“We can do a Metaverse date. You go to a restaurant, I go to a restaurant in a quiet corner and we go Live and just talk to each other,” White explained. “That’s all I want. I just want to have a three-hour conversation with Cardi B. Can I do that?

“That’s all I want for Christmas. I used to want 12 gold teeth for Christmas, I don’t want 12 gold teeth no more. I want a three-hour conversation with Cardi B.”

Fans tried to warn White that he has no chance of ever landing a date with the Bronx bombshell. “He needs a 3 hour conversation with a therapist,” one wrote in Akademiks‘ comment section.

Another applauded his Metaverse date idea: “Nah he might be on to something with that metaverse shit!”


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