Vanshaj 25th December 2023 Written Update: Yuvika challenges Dj



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Episode starts with the ramp walking of Isha in where her wardrobe gets malfunctioned. She gets embarrassed publicly, Yuvika gets fired and forbids the media reporters to click the photos. Dhanraj and his wife suspect that Dj is responsible behind this event. But he comes like a innocent rose and Instructs the media not to leak any footage. But he couldn’t escape from the doubt of Yuvika. The latter blames Dj that he is mastermind of this mishap. But Dj totally declines the facts and clears out all the accusation from himself. He emphatically tells that he is not that bad person who would harm his cousin.

Dhanraj influences Yuvika to resign from her post as she has failed to manage the event successfully. The media questions Yuvika for this failure and also raises their fingure on her since Yuvika has snatched all the harddisk and pendrive. Reporters gets irritated and offended for this sudden action of Yuvika. Though they raise question but Yuvika clarifes that she wouldn’t let anyone harm Isha. She also apologies to them and promises that she will give the compensation to their account, but no one should leak any image of Isha’s wardrobe malfunction, otherwise she will be in depression, all her confidence will be washed away.

Yuvika gets tensed for this sudden mishap. She links all the incidents and doubts Dj for prominently. She asks Neel to help her out there are some very obvious reason of doubt. Neel assures that he will find out the culprit and punish him or her.

Here, Isha locks herself out of depression. Though Bhumi and Arjun try to open the door but she doesn’t meet her mother. Finally Yuvika enters into her room and calms her down. She asks her to be strong otherwise the evil will get more encouragement to

Dj tries to connect Simon but he couldn’t connect her. On the other hand, Simon feels very guilt as she spoilt all the image of Isha and her family. Meanwhile, the media leaks all image and videos on the television. They also defame the Mahajan family and Isha. Bhanu Pratap calls Yuvika to come to him and questions about the incident. Yuvika gets embarassed with the questions. He really feels sorry for Isha. He asks Yuvika what will she do if the girl was another model. Bhanu Pratap suggests Yuvika to be more sensitive as a leader. She promises that she will find out the culprit sooner or later. Later, Gargi fakes out to be sorry and consoles Bhoomi. She pretends to be supportive but Bhoomi pokes her with police incident.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bhanu Pratap will rebuke Yuvika as she has failed to take the responsibility of Isha sensitively.

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