Viral Video: Student Tweks to Kala Chashma on Stage During Convocation, Internet Calls Him A Legend

Viral Video: Student Twerks to Kala Chashma on Stage During Convocation, Internet Calls Him A Legend

Viral Video: Getting a University degree after years of hard work and dedication, is no mean feat and deserves to be celebrated. So many videos have surfaced on the internet showing students marking their convocation ceremony in a special way. After a video showed a student breaking into Bhangra at his degree ceremony, another video shows a Mumbai student grooving and twerking to Kala Chashma. Ever since the Norwegian all-men dance crew named Quick Style went viral for their dance performance on Kala Chashma at a wedding, the trend has blown up on the internet.Also Read – Viral Video: Elderly Woman Lovingly Feeds Her Husband, Netizens Celebrate Their Bond | Watch

Such is the craze of the song, that the student also couldn’t resist recreating the song at his convocation ceremony. In the video, the boy climbs up on the stage when his name is called and then pretends to trip down the stairs to perform the hook step. While many cheered him, some were also confused and wondered if he actually fell down. The boy identified as Mahir Makhotra shared the video on his Instagram page 3 days back. He captioned the video as, Viral🎓👨‍🎓🥳😂😎🕶🕺😳🙌🏻Disclaimer: PLEASE do not try this, I don’t encourage it.” The text on the video reads as, “So I did this at my convocation.”


Social media user loved his swag and confidence. One user said, “Damn you’ve got some guts.” Another commented, “and people on the back actually thought you fell!!!” A third said, “You’re a legend.”

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