Toni Collette swears live on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

The Australian actress was playing the ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ game segment, where she was helping families at home win a ‘Place on the Plane’ for the series finale in the United States.

Families at their homes had to act out films for Collette to guess, and if she got three correct within the time frame she could win the family a ticket.

It was when she was trying to guess the film ‘Dodgeball: An Underdog Story’ that she accidentally let slip the word “S***” as she was worried about failing them.

How did Saturday Night Takeaway fans react to Toni Collette swearing?

Fans caught Colette accidentally swearing during the show and found it quite funny.

One viewer tweeted: “Toni Collette swearing on Saturday Night Takeaway is brilliant I love her sm.”

Another posted: “I feel Saturday Night Takeaway is not really something the great Toni Collette really needed to do…. (I like the swear though )”.

Many people were quite surprised by the moment with one person tweeting: “TONI COLLETTE SAYING S*** ON ANT & DEC SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY”.

One person questioned if the slip-up needed to be acknowledged on the show, as they posted: “Did Toni Colette just say s*** on Saturday Night Takeaway? Do Ant & Dec not need to apologise?”

More people found the moment funny, with one viewer saying: “Toni Collette swearing on Saturday Night Takeaway is everything #SaturdayNightTakeaway.”

After the advert break following the games show segment, Ant and Dec apologised if any rude language had been heard.

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