Miley Cyrus Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction While Opening Her Shirt

Miley Cyrus close up


Miley Cyrus turned heads as she promoted her 2019-released SHE IS COMING album on Instagram, and there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction going on. The pop singer, 31, made headlines prior to the global pandemic for dropping the EP made famous with its “Mother’s Daughter” track, and photos on her IG were all about the new beats.

Posing against bathroom tiles as she provocatively opened her shirt, Miley perhaps showed a little more than she had planned to, however the feminine-strong star had no issue keeping the photo live.

Miley Cyrus Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Instagram

The shoot, kept alive by fan accounts, featured Miley posing confidently against a tiled backdrop as she flaunted her figure in a bright blue minidress with a shirt effect.

Sticking her tongue out in the safer snap, the “Flowers” hitmaker got a little provocative as she grabbed her dress, one with her “MC” initials embellished on the front.

Sporting her punk rocker era hair, one that continued into her 2020 Plastic Hearts era, the ex to Liam Hemsworth upped the ante in a further photo, one showing her opening the shirt part of her dress and flashing a fair amount.

‘She Is Here’

Miley added in dramatic makeup to complete her statement look, opting for red eyeshadow and a catwing eyeliner finish. Making sure to flash her famous tattoos, the former Disney star also donned an array of bangles and necklaces to accessorize her outfit.

Fans were quick to fill the comments section with “She is here” as Miley released SHE IS COMING. The singer has since made global headlines for the 2023 release of her Endless Summer Vacation album.

Cyrus has even revealed that she divided the album into two “a.m.” and “p.m.” parts.

“In the nighttime, it feels that there’s a slinky, seediness, and kind of a grime, but a glamor at the same time. In the evening, it’s a great time for rest, it’s a time to recover — or, it’s a time to go out and experience the wild side. In L.A. there’s a certain energy to the night that you can kind of feel trouble boil up to the surface and it’s very inspiring to me,” she told Rolling Stone.


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