Pokimane Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Stream, But Keeps Calm And Carries On


Top Twitch streamer Pokimane had a nearly disastrous wardrobe malfunction yesterday while playing Overwatch 2, and the slip is now going viral.

While on camera during the livestream, her breast fell out of her shirt for about a minute, but she readjusted when she realized it. She then stopped streaming, deleted the VOD and resumed streaming after changing clothes.

Unsurprisingly, a clip of the moment was quickly posted to Reddit’s /r/Livestreamfail, but it was instantly deleted by moderators.

While it’s unclear if Pokimane’s accident could lead to punishment from Twitch, those who saw the clip seem to agree that Pokimane did the right thing given the circumstances.

On Reddit, many commenters have praised her composure and expressed sympathy. One commenter compared it to a real-life version of the common nightmare where you’re naked in front of your entire school.

“Seeing this clipped feels illegal,” another said.

Furthermore, the moment was hardly as scandalous as some other content that has reignited discussion about Twitch’s nudity policy. It appears Pokimane was wearing nipple covers, so viewers weren’t exposed to any female-presenting nipples, a benchmark that has in the past been where some social media platforms have drawn the line for “adult content.”

Pokimane and Twitch have yet to comment on the incident. The occurrence also comes just days after she revealed she was the target of a scam in which someone set up a fake lingerie company to try and solicit nude photos of the Twitch star.


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