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Publog, an informative fashion and lifestyle digital platform wish to announce our rebranding to Pickasblog.

Pickasblog is an inspiring, informative and entertaining digital platform focused on female lifestyle, fashion, health and wellness, beauty, and gist for the rest of us.

We observed gaps among young and older ladies around the world who constantly lived with the fear of being seen as inferior in society as well as naivety on how to live a healthy life, handle relationships, look elegant in appearance and build strong self-esteem. 

Notably, ladies check online for tips to know if what they are wearing on their first date looks appropriate.

According to Pickasblog Founder, “some even want to know how to seat, eat or talk when they are meeting that new guy, they rather check online than to ask their female friends. We seek to build a massive global subscriber base of daily readers and to make the world a better place.”

“Seeing ladies go through these hurdles daily made us have this information readily available on pickasblog.com. Pickasblog focuses on daily tips about health and well-being, trendy and quality fashion, beauty, lifestyle and relationship tips for the everyday woman in a connected world.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say, but not the reality for all women out there. Many still doubt their beauty, their body type, their shape and are locked up in this stereotype,” the founder added.

Pickasblog seeks to colour the lenses positively through which women see themselves. Wellness and good spirit among ladies produce greatness.

From not being good enough to fit into the societal standard to personal hate, and inferiority complex to a lack of basic fashion, beauty and health tips that project positive feminine exuberance, our daily digital content seeks to answer these muddling thoughts.

“Fixing these challenges by way of quality daily content and tips are the focus of the platform. The African artist, Adekunle Gold said in one of his lyrics, ”there’s a man for every woman out there”, a strong statement on self-love and appreciation that projects hope, positivism, a sense of belonging and vibrancy in the mind of women.  

For the fashionistas, looking stylish and elegant at a low budget isn’t a fad, as some see it, it’s a possibility and the need to maintain the balance between luxury and affordability in fashion is what myriads of female readers benefit from our platform.

Our articles help fix wardrobe malfunction, how to look stylish always, tips for online fashion shopping, must-have outfits and fashion accessories for the 21st-century lady in addition to trendy outfits no lady wants to miss.

In a statement by the CEO, “Looking good doesn’t have to cost an arm and foot while looking luxurious doesn’t call for social criticism either. As simple as some fashion tips are, ladies still need to be guided.”

For beauticians and lovers of beauty trends, Pickasblog hence is the go-to destination. With daily content and carefully crafted tips that will keep readers of beauty tips longing for more, we bring the sauce always while exposing the realities for the female beauty wannabees.

“Hunger to be loved and love is important of personal wellbeing. Living in a world with a growing trend of broken relationships leaves a lot of questions unanswered and that is one of our focuses.

“Questions like am I likeable, am I too pushy, am I becoming unbearable, how I manage emotional stress, why do guys shy away from me and myriads of them are constantly being searched out by young women and we pose to answer those.

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