“People idealize celebrity relationships a lot”

Karol G and Feid's intense twerking on stage leaves their fans speechless


Karol G and Feid They have shown to be very in love with each other. Although they have always been a little more jealous of their privacy than other couples in the industry, it is difficult to keep a relationship a secret when both are international music stars. That is why they have decided to no longer hide their love and show it in public whenever they feel like it.

Having a relationship with a celebrity is not new for La Bichota, since we must remember that she starred in a romance with Anuel AA that came to an end in 2021. Therefore, Karol has learned a very important lesson from this experience that she seems to have applied in her relationship with Feid.

In an interview for Billboard, he assures that “people idealize celebrity relationships a lot,” but “they are normal relationships, like any person who is recording or taking photos or whatever.” “Not all relationships end because of bad things or on bad terms or because of infidelity,” he explains.

“It’s difficult sometimes to have a relationship and want to keep it private when we are public figures. We go out on the streets, they see us. But, as much as I can, I think it’s something that… there are things that I want to keep more for myself because I think it’s a way to take care of them,” he adds.

But that is not all. Taking advantage of the occasion, she wanted to make it clear how lucky she feels to have the interpreter of Bubalu at his side. “It’s a blessing for me to have a person who understands that sometimes I don’t have much time or sometimes I’m busy in an interview and I can’t answer a call. Or sometimes I seriously have a whole day where I don’t even pick up the phone and I can’t answer. And instead of saying ‘but what were you doing?’, he understands perfectly what I was doing. That definitely makes a relationship that I have, despite what I do, longer lasting or calmer or be special, more special”he concludes.

And although at no time did the interpreter of Tomorrow will be nice mention the Colombian, it is no secret that they are one of the most beloved couples in the industry. Perhaps it is that shyness to show off in public all the time that keeps her, as our protagonist says, “more special.”

There is no doubt that thanks to this and the success that her music is having around the world, Karol G is experiencing one of her best personal and professional stages. And the thing is, who sells out three dates at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in a matter of minutes? La Bichota is unstoppable!


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