Madonna sparks concern among fans over sharing twerking video



Madonna recently posted a TikTok video of herself bouncing and showing off her twerking skills amid ongoing fan concern over her ‘disturbing’ posts.

Here is everything you need to know.

Madonna flaunts her twerking moves while dressed in lingerie

Madonna took to TikTok on Friday to upload a  risque video of herself dancing to Luclover’s song L$D.

Additionally, in the video, the Material Girl singer sported a lingerie look as she wore a black lace bra and paired them with a pair of black high-waisted underwear and fishnet tights.

In the uncaptioned 11 seconds video clip, the 64-year-old stares at the camera for a few moments before she begins jiggling her waist.

Besides that, the Queen of Pop went on to stick out her tongue and licked her lips before turning around and flaunting her ‘bubble butt’ as she started shaking it for the camera.

Meanwhile, this video joins a series of eye-popping posts from the mother of six. She shared the video on Thursday as was angrily lip-syncing to Vent by rapper Baby Keem.

The lyrics of the track read, ‘Have you ever been punched in your motherf**king face? What you say, oh you haven’t? Alright, wait!’

Fans react to Madonna’s twerking video

Many fans took to the comment section of the post on TikTok to express their concern over the singer’s ‘disturbing’ social media posts.

A user wrote, ‘What happened to you? You look like Marilyn Manson or something! Don’t shave the eyebrows!’ 

A second one chimed in saying, ‘The Madonna I used to admire was the one on The Immaculate Collection…this woman has lost all of her minds.’ 

Moreover, a third one said, ‘Madonna used to represent female confidence.’ However now she is only a ‘sad, scared, insecure, old person.’ 

Few others on social media questioned whether the Madonna in the viral social media posts is really her or not.

One fan commented, ‘Is that really her? Surely not?’

Another claimed, ‘This is not the Madonna I knew.’

Someone else mentioned, ‘Sometimes enough is enough.’

Regardless, there were a couple of other fans who suggested that Madonna might have had some botox.

A different user stated, ‘She needs to stop playing with her face. And get some eyebrows.’ 

Moreover, another user noted, ‘Starting to scare me now. Like why?’

One more pointed out, ‘Blink if you need help,’ before adding a facepalm emoji.

Another user wrote ‘What are you doing mama?’


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