“High on the Clout drug”

"High on the Clout drug" - Fans are accusing Pokimane of deliberate wardrobe malfunction to seek attention


Streamers are getting a lot of attention and popularity recently. Moreover, with fame comes a lot of drama, too. Some drama or the other wrecks havoc on the internet almost every day, and fans do love good gossip. Furthermore, streamers like Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed are always cooking up something. However, it seems like recently Pokimane had a livestream wardrobe malfunction as a clip of her n*p slip has gone viral! And fans have accused her for the mishap to be deliberate.

Imane “Pokimane” has gained a considerable career with streaming and other side ventures. She is one of Twitch’s oldest streamers and probably one of the most popular ones, too. Moreover, Pokimane isn’t immune to drama or controversy, either. Her huge fame attracts controversies on a regular basis. The recent Myna Cookie controversy is still fresh in everyone’s mind and doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon!

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Furthermore, unlike other popular female streamers, Pokimane has maintained a very sophisticated and clean image online without having an Onlyfans account or anything of that sort. This is the major reason why viewers are always asking the Twitch streamer to enter the adult industry, and it’s also the reason behind her huge social media buzz. Moreover, a clip of Pokimane’s recent livestream wardrobe malfunction, where she had a n*p slip, has gone viral!

Fans accuse Pokimane of deliberate n*p slip wardrobe malfunction, creating a massive online buzz once again

Pokimane has had a really great streaming career on Twitch. Furthermore, she’s one of Twitch’s top streamers and influencers, with over 9.3 Million followers. Her positive personality is evident in her online chats and video game streams, such as Valorant and other popular games! Fans love the streamer and the content she produces.

"High on the Clout drug" - Fans are accusing Pokimane of deliberate wardrobe malfunction to seek attention
(credits: Pokimane on Twitch)

However, time and time again, some livestream mishap or Wardrobe malfunction happens to Pokimane. And once again, Imane has had a livestream blunder that has reignited her social media buzz once again as a clip of her having an n*p slip goes viral.

This incident happened during her everyday Twitch livestream, and the streamer realized that she was having a wardrobe malfunction a bit too late. Fans have reacted to the clip, some conflicted, some hilariously. Furthermore, many have accused Pokimane of doing a deliberate wardrobe malfunction:

Such incidents are becoming quite common for streamers. Recently, even Kai Cenat had an oops moment on livestream where he almost showed his “deal” to fans! Moreover, this isn’t the first time it’s happened to Pokimane; however, her social media buzz has definitely reignited again!

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