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WATCH: Pokimane once again gets social media buzzing as her n*p slip wardrobe malfunction video goes viral


Recently, a lot of streamers have been making the headlines almost every day. Recently, a lot of on-stream mishaps are happening to streamers all around. The famous IShowMeat incident is still fresh in the minds of everyone. Moreover, such incidents are becoming quite common. And that’s what happened to Imane “Pokimane” recently. Furthermore, Pokimane had a wardrobe malfunction due to an n*p slip on a livestream, and social media has gone wild!

Pokimane’s Twitch streaming career has been extremely amazing. She has over 9.3 million followers on Twitch, making her one of the platform’s most popular streamers and influencers. Her Only Chatting streams and video game streams, including those of Valorant and other well-known titles, demonstrate her cool & funky personality! Her audience totally adores the content she produces.

Imane “Pokimane” has made a significant career out of streaming and many side projects. Not only is she one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, but she is also one of the oldest. Moreover, Pokimane is also not exempt from drama or controversy. When the latest Myna Cookies issue occurred, it became quite popular. And this time, Pokimane had a wardrobe malfunction during her livestream due to a n*p slip, and her buzz has skyrocketed on social media!

Pokimane has really come up in the race for popularity on Twitch. Moreover, she has a lot of feuds going on with many streamers like xQc! Overall, Pokimane is definitely a name fans hear a lot, be it for content or dramas. Moreover, Pokimane has had many on-stream mishaps, too. And a recent clip that’s gone viral on social media has titled the internet! A clip of Pokimane’s n*p slip wardrobe malfunction has gone viral, creating a buzz on social media!

Pokimane WM
Image via Pokimane/Twitch

During a Twitch stream, fans spotted Pokimane’s clothes tangled in a weird way. Furthermore, fans instantly spotted that Pokimane was having an on-stream oops moment, and soon after, the Twitch streamer, too, realized that one of the breasts was out of her clothes. She quickly adjusted her clothes.

The clip of this wardrobe malfunction has gone viral on social media, and fans have created a buzz around it. Although it is unknown when this happened, as all the clips and VODs related to this incident are down, this was nevertheless a really embarrassing moment for Pokimane and many of her fans. Moreover, many viewers accused Pokimane of this wardrobe malfunction being intentional and not something that happened unknowingly!

Incidents like this are becoming really common. Many streamers are having more mishaps on livestreams, and it’s slowly becoming a pattern. Recently, even Kai Cenat had an oops moment and almost saved himself from a long-term embarrassment that would have followed it!

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