GTA 6 Trailer Full Of Moments Inspired By Real Florida Events


What is reality anymore?
Gif: Rockstar Games / edyperezz_ / KETV / CHC News / Ary News / Kotaku

So, how many times have you watched the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer thus far? To be honest, I’ve fully lost track for myself, but as the internet pores over it for the 98-millionth time, folks are starting to point out that many scenes of life in the fictional state of Leonida look quite familiar. It turns out those wild scenes were inspired by real-world events in the great state of Florida.

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No stranger to satirizing reality (as if that’s even possible these days), GTA often takes inspiration from real-world events to help shape its absurdist portrayal of American society. This time around appears to be no exception.

Let’s dive into some slices of real-life absurdity referenced in the trailer to see where GTA 6 is pulling its inspiration from.


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