Filthy catfight between Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra: Watch


New Delhi: Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra got into a massive catfight. Sherlyn and Rakhi have both been featured in the media for a very long time. They have been battling it out in interviews and statements on social media. Sajid Khan, a contestant on Bigg Boss 16, is the driving force behind this brawl. Sajid Khan is without a doubt the contender who is receiving the most negative attention.

His participation in the programme has been criticised by a number of individuals because numerous women have accused him of sexual harassment. Sherlyn Chopra is one of those women out of all of them. Not only did she perceive it as an offence, but she also made the decision to report him. On October 29, Sherlyn went to the Juhu police station to give a statement against him.

Salman Khan is allegedly defending Sajid Khan, according to Sherlyn. Rakhi Sawant, on the other hand, is also standing up for Sajid Khan. Sherlyn Chopra’s statement against Sajid Khan at the police station has just been criticised by Rakhi. Rakhi claimed to the paparazzi that the police are aware of which complaints are valid and which are not.

“Kyun lega jab woh (Sajid Khan) kusurwar hi nahin hain,” Rakhi said. Court ne Sajid Khan ko saza-e-faasi ya kala paani ki saza hi nahin di, uske khilaf kisine gawahi nahin diya. Media ke samne dusro pe dosh lagate ho, tum makeup 4 kilos ka laga ke, saree pehen ke. Ati tumhe Sharam nahin? “Doob nahin jati tum?” “Chulu bhar paani me?”

Additionally, Sherlyn is constantly making complaints, either against my brother Raj Kundra or against Sajid Khan, thus there is no truth to the issue, according to Rakhi. Rakhi continued to attack Sherlyn without stopping, saying, “Kya kya pehenkar, plate me khud lekar gayi ho ki khao muje.”

Then, in response to this, Sherlyn Chopra stated that Rakhi Sawant should be humiliated because she wears 31 kg of makeup and a wig to conceal her baldness. Every three to four months, she switches husbands and boyfriends. Have we ever questioned your motives? It has begun to burn. So what do you do? Burnol should go home.


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