Rakhi Sawant breaks down in tears as she supports Sajid Khan’s entry in ‘Bigg Boss 16’, says ‘He will commit suicide. Please usse jeene do’


Sajid Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss 16 has been criticised by many. However, there were some who also supported the filmmaker and one among them was Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi in a media interaction called it a publicity stunts and said, ‘These are all publicity stunts. I have no relation with Sajid Khan but as a human, I would urge all to let him live before he commits suicide. If he continues to get this much hatred from the nation, he might soon commit suicide. Let him live. Please’. She also added, ‘Sajid Khan already faced a lot in the last four years. Nobody worked with him. He has entered Bigg Boss house to give himself a chance. Bigg Boss also invites such controversial personalities. If I enter Bigg Boss house, I will surely ask him (about Me Too allegations), whether he did something or not. Please forgive him, let him live otherwise he will commit suicide in pressure.’

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