Fans Say This Is The Real Reason Why Lizzo Playing That Crystal Flute Matters

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Everyone already knows that Lizzo is a legend, that’s old news – but just as fans thought the twerking About Damn Time singer couldn’t get any better, Lizzo takes the Library of Congress by storm in a historical moment, simply by playing the flute — but there is nothing “simple” about this astonishing moment.

Dr. Carla Hayden, the Librarian of Congress and the first African-American woman to hold the role, made an excellent choice in inviting Lizzo to try out the Library’s collection of flutes, including a 200-year-old crystal flute that belonged to former US president James Madison.


Lizzo, who is a classically trained flutist, understood the assignment. She was met with screaming cheers and raucous applause as she demonstrated the historic instrument’s abilities.

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The crystal flute was a gift for Madison’s second inauguration from French mechanic Claude Laurent, and Lizzo playing this one, in particular, has heavy significance for several reasons, one of them being the attention it’s drawing to the Library of Congress.

Why Is Lizzo Playing The Crystal Flute So Historic?

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the significance of this historic moment and why some people were tweeting about the far right being offended by Lizzo’s flute-playing.

“What’s up with the controversy about Lizzo playing a flute?” one Redditor asked. “Can anyone explain why people (apparently right-wing people) are getting upset about Lizzo playing a flute?”

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Lizzo playing the flute was also historical because James Madison owned over 100 enslaved people who he never freed in his lifetime or death.

It was even more striking of the 2 Be Loved singer when she twerked during playing the crystal flute, as twerking can be traced back to a West African dance called mapouka, as Lizzo explained in her TED talk.

Fans Say This Is The Reason Lizzo’s “Controversial” Flute Playing Matters

Of course, not everyone thought Lizzo playing the flute was a good thing. Hateful comments about Lizzo, and abuse from internet trolls against which both Cardi B and her husband Offset have defended Lizzo, are unfortunately nothing new for the Grammy Award-winning singer.

One Redditor explained perfectly what was going on. “In a masterful piece of outreach, Carla Hayden, the current Librarian of Congress, invited Lizzo to view the flute collection when she was in DC for her concert,” the Redditor wrote.

“As a classically trained flutist, Lizzo expressed her excitement and made a trip to the LOC to view the flute collection. During her visit, she played several of the flutes in the collection.”

The Redditor also explained why different people had a problem with Lizzo playing flutes from the collection at the Library of Congress. They said that some people were concerned about the flutes from the collection being damaged, whilst others had possibly forgotten that collections are for use and that Lizzo is classically trained to do so.

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“Note that Lizzo is not the first musician to play instruments in the collection,” the Redditor said when explaining why some people have a problem with Lizzo’s performance, “but her particular style of music, dress, and existing seems to make those who might get angry about any use even angrier.”

The Redditor also explained why they thought it was a masterful outreach on Dr. Carla Hayden’s behalf.

“I’m a librarian, and I call it masterful because Carla Hayden has gotten so many people talking about the Library of Congress, the history it holds, the fact that collections there can be used, and that those collections and services remain relevant today,” they wrote. “They are not dusty old pieces that will crumble if looked at wrong.”

Not that she needed to, but Lizzo, a flute major at the University of Houston, has once again proved what a breathtaking talent she is.

She was so impressive during her performances with the crystal flute that people took to social media to praise her after noticing her technique, her skills, and the respectful way in which she treated the responsibility of handling the collection.

People also applauded her for bringing both the collection and the history of the Library of Congress to public attention.

To say that this was simply another historical moment doesn’t seem quite to do the momentous day justice. After all, as well as Lizzo’s flute playing at the Library of Congress is steeped in history for many reasons, it was Lizzo of all people, and as fans already know, she is THE moment!


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