International educational Congress
(ROAIA – OAA) in memory of Geraldine O'Sallivan.
III Congress
of Russian Obstetrical Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists Association

Dr. Alexey Ovezov (RUS)

Alexey Ovezov — certified specialist, doctor of the highest qualification category, who has all the practical skills which are necessary in the work of anesthesiologist-resuscitator.

Dr. Ovezov has extensive experience in medical, organizational and educational work, he has 17 years of teaching practice, he lectures at a high methodological level with the use of modern technical means of training. Regularly he performs the workshops where he introduces a modern technologies and anesthetics which are involved in the hospital practice, also he manages a practical and seminar sessions with cadets and clinical residents. He manage many different scientific-practical conferences from regional to all-Russia events. Dr. Alexey Ovezov has extensive experience in medical, organizational and educational work, has 17 years of teaching experience, lectures at a high methodological level with the use of modern technical means of training.

Dr. Ovezov is the author of 334 scientific papers (59 of them are published in leading scientific journals, 7 — in the form of monographs and chapters in monographs), 12 textbooks for doctors, 5 Patents of the Russian Federation.

Under his leadership 1 doctoral dissertation was defended, 1 candidate dissertation was accepted for defense, 1 doctoral and 6 candidate dissertations were performed. He is a member of the Profile Commission on anesthesiology and resuscitation of the Ministry of Health of Russia; chief specialist in anesthesiology and resuscitation of the Ministry of health of the Moscow region; Chairman Of the Board of the Moscow regional scientific and practical society of anesthesiologists and reanimatologists (regional Department of «Federation of anesthesiologists and reanimatologists»); member of the Board of the all-Russian public organization «Federation of anesthesiologists and reanimatologists»; a Board member of the Association of obstetric anesthesiologists; full member of the European Society of Anesthesiologists (ESA) and International society of researchers in anesthesiology (IARS), also ESICM ; Chairman surgical section of the scientific Council of GBUZ MO MONIKI. M. F. Vladimirsky; a member of the Academic Council and the Academic Council of the faculty of postgraduate education of GBUZ MO MONIKI. M. F. Vladimirsky; member of the Dissertation Council D 208.124.01 at FBSU " Institute of surgery. A. V. Vishnevsky«; member of the editorial Board of the journal «Anesthesiology and resuscitation» (VAK, Scopus)*, «Almanac of clinical medicine» (VAK)*, «Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice. Series » Natural and technical Sciences «(VAK)* and «Journal of intensive care». Board member of Moscow scientific society of anesthesiologists and intensivists.

Takes part in regional Forums of Russian obstetrical anesthesiologists intensivist association on a regular basis.

VAK — Higher attestation commission (Russia)

Topics of the lectures:

    Cognitive dysfunction in patients after caesarean delivery