Did This Bear Just Twerk? Mammal’s ‘Dance’ Video is All Over Instagram


The internet is filled with umpteen animal videos that can make you smile or laugh. A new video of a bear scratching its back against a tree, which kind of looks like it’s breaking out into a dance, has left everyone amused. “The real-life Baloo from The Jungle Book. Visual representation of everyone using their door frames to get that back itch,” read the caption.

In the clip, a black bear is seen adorably scratching its back on a tree while bouncing up and down. Towards the end of the video, the bear goes on its four legs and begins to scratch its behind. However, by the looks of the video, it appears as if the bear is pole-dancing. The account which uploaded the video also added the famous song from The Jungle Book, ‘The Bare Necessities’.

The video has garnered over 3 lakh views. Social media users cannot stop gushing about how adorable the video is. “The twerking bear. Go on sunshine throw those moves,” one user wrote.

Another user wrote, “Yeah, the bear dancing in jungle book was actually replicated from a video of a bear scratching its back. Just like this video”.

“That tree could BEARly handle all the fur!! No? Ok. I’ll leave,” quipped another. Several other users commented with laughing face emoticons.

Watch the viral video below:

Earlier, an adorable video of a baby bear dancing by itself in the jungle went viral on the internet. It’s impossible to miss the adorable 9-second clip of the bear jumping around, grooving, playing and much more in the jungle. Given how adorable it is, you will surely watch the video repeatedly. The caption for the video reads, “Dance like nobody’s watching”. Watch the video below.

The baby bear’s dancing video has amassed over 4 million views as of now.

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