90 Day Fiance star Mary’s TikTok of her ‘twerking’ is for ‘attention’

90 Day Fiance star Mary's TikTok of her 'twerking' is for 'attention'


Mary from 90 Day Fiance The Other Way’s TikTok has been exposed, where she’s twerking in a video “for attention,” claims her co-star Shekinah. 90 Day Fiance couple Brandan and Mary’s IG has been a hot topic as fans try to find out if the twerking video ripped their relationship apart or not.

Brandan revealed at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All Mary has been dancing in videos in her bikini. This was backed up by Shekinah, who accused her TLC co-star of “shaking her a** for attention”. Their co-stars all agreed the “double standards” from Mary’s side are the issue rather than the video itself.

Mary smiles at the camera to left of Brandan, who has his arm around her.
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Mary from 90 Day Fiance’s TikTok

Mary from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way runs a shared TikTok account with Brandan. She posts regular loved-up videos with him, as well as posts of her dancing to music and “shaking her a**”.

Her partner Brandan explained he “supports her” if her posts are “making her feel better”. He also said Mary was posting the “confident” videos because she wanted to “dance like American girls”.

The videos being exposed showed Mary dancing and can be found on her TikTok account, @maryandbrandan_18. She often tells Brandan that she feels jealous when he’s around other girls.

Brandan and Mary from 90 Day Fiance: IG

Brandan and Mary’s IG as they star on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way show they are still a happily married couple. They both follow each other on Instagram and have been celebrating the festive season.

The couple also frequently use their Instagram accounts to promote their presence on video app Cameo, where fans can pay to get messages and videos from the pair.

In other huge news, Brandan and Mary welcomed a baby girl in August! They named their daughter Midnight after confirming Mary was pregnant earlier this year, and have only showed a glimpse of her.

Mary defends her twerking video

Mary told her co-stars at the Tell All that “it’s a dance”. She added: “A lot of people do that.” When Shekinah said Mary was “controlling” towards Brandan, Mary hit back at her.

She told her, “Shekinah, your boyfriend is okay with you showing your boobs, so why can’t I?” When asked if Brandan was looking at girls doing the same dances, Mary said he “doesn’t do that”.

Brandan backed up his girl and explained: “Since she and I have been talking more, she has become more confident in her posting her body online because she felt like, ‘Oh I’m dating an American man now’.”


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