7 style lessons we learnt from 90s Kate Moss



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What Kate Moss doesn’t know about style, frankly, isn’t worth knowing. Over the years the legendary supermodel has rocked a multitude of killer looks, and yet, somehow, it’s her 1990s fashion moments that we find ourselves returning to time and time again. 

Hello! Fashion shares the fashion lessons we learnt from 90s Kate Moss:

No bra? No problem

For the Elite Model Agency’s 1993 Look of the Year party, Kate went out in her now-iconic mesh slip dress, sans a bra. As it happens, her look ended up revealing a little more than she’d bargained for. “In the darkness of Corinne’s Soho flat the dress was not see-through!” she insisted to Vogue last year. But honestly? It was less wardrobe malfunction and far more wardrobe masterclass…

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Old Hollywood glamour is eternal

Sporting a white strapless dress and full-length gloves with fluffy adornments at the 1994 APLA Fashion Show, the supermodel oozed retro glam, infused with a Snow Queen-like edge.

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Weddings are for…upstaging the bride

Obviously, intentionally seeking to outdo the woman du jour is in pretty poor taste, but Kate Moss had no choice in the matter in 1995. Looking effervescent in canary yellow, we love the contrast of her rocky eye alongside ultra-feminine floral appliqué.

Swathing yourself in glitter is always a good idea

And on the subject of marriage, Kate showed us that a subtle gleam of shimmer is out of the question. When it comes to staging your big day, clearly the dress code is Versace spangles or don’t even bother.

Nature is your best friend

Where amping up the drama is required, we recommend you look no further than Mother Gaia. Granted, sourcing a feather might feel a little rough-and-ready, but there’s no denying that some earthy influences can elevate your look in an instant. Trading in the city life might be a stretch too far, but cowrie shells, soft wools and elegant silks? We’re into it.

Crying out for chrome

Fact: there is a metallic shade out there to suit everyone and finding yours will do wonders for your skin. Kate’s almost-khaki silver belted coat allows her creamy complexion to pop, and now we feel the need to enter a period of deep wardrobe reflection.

Dare to be bold

Move over Princess Leia, two can play at that game. When it comes to making a statement, nothing is more crucial than the ingredient of confidence. At Chanel’s 1998 ready-to-wear show, the supermodel rocked a gold shiny chest contraption (‘bikini’ feels a bit far fetched), with every fibre of her being – and we couldn’t love her any more for it.

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