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Miley Cyrus One showed off her left B**b & N*pple backstage at the 2015 VMS – Watch (Photo Credit – Instagram; YouTube)

Miley Cyrus is an entertainer who (in my opinion) has had far too many wardrobe malfunctions – welcoming 2022 with her top falling and flashing almost everyone at ‘Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party’ being one of the latest. If this incident made the headlines at the start of the year, it is nothing compared to the singer-actress who showed herself much more at the VMAs in 2015.

Too long ago to remember what happened? Well, let us tell you what happened almost ten years ago and why the New Year’s Eve slide looks like a PG-13 incident. Note: I hope you are over 18 to keep scrolling the screen below (wink!).

Miley Cyrus hosted the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards and continued to wear one outrageously risque outfit after another for nearly two hours. However, towards the end of the evening, the then 22-year-old singer exposed her entire left b**b and nipple live on camera for the world to see.

The incident happened moments after Taylor Swift won Best Music Video – for the hit collaboration ‘Bad Blood’. As TS and his gang celebrated the win in the auditorium, the camera then swung backstage and showed Miley Cyrus covering herself with a black curtain from her dressing room as she was in the middle of a changing of the guard -dress.

A member of the MTV crew can be seen handling the “Wrecking Ball” singer with a microphone to congratulate Taylor on her victory. However, as she turned around and then back to the cameras, the former Disney star flashed the world and showed her b**b and n*pple. As the camera cut quickly to what was happening in the locker room, Miley was heard saying into the microphone, “Oh, what’s going on? Oh sorry my t*t is out?

Watch the video here:

Given that the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards saw Miley Cyrus wear a pretty revealing ensemble that showed off her b**b side, underb**b side and more, do you think that screening moment was a mess or just something? thing that went along with everything else? Let us know in the comments.

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