Laila Looking for Roles in Tollywood


Laila dominated the South indian cinema business twenty years ago. In a number of telugu movies, notably “Egire Pavurama,” she portrayed the female lead. She achieved success in the tamil cinema business when “Shivaputrudu” was a hit. laila gave up performing after being married to a businessman. She avoided arc lights for a very long time. 

Laila, however, made a comeback and had a significant part in Karthi’s “Sardar.” She travelled to hyderabad to promote the movie. laila stated in a media interview that she is seeking opportunities in Tollywood. She is prepared to portray both the mother and sister. With her husband, laila has two sons.

When I think of Laila, the first thing that comes to mind is her dimple and that cheery smile that we have seen in so many movies from the 2000s. All of her characters, whether they were Manju of Pithamagan, ramya of Kanda Naal Mudhal, or pooja of Ullam Ketkumae, were vivacious and endearing, but laila was always watchful to prevent that appeal from turning into caricature. She was so skilled at portraying these women that subsequent attempts by other performers to do the same resulted in a shoddy imitation. And now, with Karthi’s Sardar, the original bubbly girl is back, breaking her lengthy 16-year absence.


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