Kelly Clarkson Admits To Regularly Peeing In The Shower, And Kenan Thompson Had Thoughts

kelly clarkson on the kelly clarkson show


Anyone with even the slightest bit of responsibility in life knows that making the most of your time every day is paramount. Though we might not admit it, pretty much everyone has come up with ways to save time that others might not approve of. I, for instance, enjoy taking the occasional walk as I eat dessert. Say, a nice Christmas sugar cookie or some peanut M&Ms. While that might sound weird, it turns out that Kelly Clarkson regularly does something that many people would likely find, well, way worse than weird: pee in the shower. And, when she told Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson about her habit, he definitely had some thoughts on the practice.

What Did Kelly Clarkson Say About Peeing In The Shower?

There are many reasons why Clarkson’s talk show was an immediate hit, but one of the biggest is probably the same reason that Clarkson herself is so popular. When she’s not talking about the sweet way she and Taylor Swift have bonded or getting real about why she left The Voice, she’s often hilariously unfiltered. When Kenan Thompson appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote his new book, the conversation turned to shower etiquette, and led to the chart-topping singer’s shower pee reveal:


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