Jen Selter Loses Her Pants During Hilarious Pumpkin Squat Fail

Jen Selter Loses Her Pants During Hilarious Pumpkin Squat Fail


Fitness influencer Jen Selter is gearing up for spooky season with a workout-themed challenge that didn’t quite go as she might have expected.

The 2022 Halloween challenge that has gone viral on TikTok involves pulling off a squat while holding a pumpkin over your head. It’s not clear where the challenge started, but the 29-year-old fitness model decided to try it out… and ended up flashing her fans in the process!

Jen Selter Flashes Her Sunned Buns Attempting Halloween Pumpkin Squat Challenge

In a five-second Instagram video shared with her followers on Friday morning, the social media sensation slipped into knee-high boots with chunky heels, a long-sleeve black shirt covered with cobwebs, and matching panties.

In the video, she steps to the side and spreads her legs as she prepares to do a squat. However, the bottom of her panties flies up as she bends her legs, and she quickly recovers herself, placing the large pumpkin on the wooden floor beside her.

“HAPPY FRIDAY!!!” Jen wrote in the caption. “Since this is going viral on Tik tok why not repost on the gram 😂 … at-least I didn’t drop the #pumpkin 🎃.” She followed it up with #fail and #halloweenvibes as fans poked fun at her goofy video.

Fans Have A LOT To Say About Jen’s Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunction!

Jen Selter pumpkin squat fail
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Nice pumpkins 🍑,” one fan teased. “Hottest video yet,” another joked. “That’s funny as s*** that’s hilarious awesome❤️❤️❤️,” a third fan chimed in. “The camera guy just unlocked his Jedi skills…” another follower joked. Another fan tagged a friend, asking, “can we buy some pumpkins and try this Saturday night?!? 😂😂😂” while another follower called it “Your best video yet!”

“At least you tried @jenselter! 👏👏👏,” another fan added. “Haha! Absolute success!! 😂 No fail there, that’s for certain! 🍑y perfection. 🥰 🔥,” another follower gushed. “I give you credit! Glad you didn’t drop the pumpkin, that would’ve been a mess. 😂,” another fan chimed in.

“That is not a fail at all. That’s hard work and dedication,” another fan added. “Well, at least you tried,” another follower wrote. “Hate when this happens to me 😂😂😂,” another fan teased. “Respectfully I see two pumpkins in this video,” another follower joked.

‘You Call It A Fail, We Call It Top Quality Content’

Jen Selter pumpkin squat fail
Instagram | Jen Selter

“and at least it wasn’t in a gym. 😮,” another fan pointed out. “Wardrobe malfunction…no big deal 😮😍🔥,” another follower shared. “Made me do a double take 😂🙈,” another fan chimed in. “Booty issues . 😜,” another follower teased. “Pumpkins on pumpkins!!” another fan added.

“No material can contain it! 😂😂,” another follower joked. “That’s one way to start the morning,” another fan shared. “You always make me smile,” another fan gushed. “I don’t know how you can walk in those boots never mind squatting with them while holding a huge pumpkin over your head! 🎃,” another follower added.

“It’s a learning event 😂,” another fan teased. “You call it fail, we call it top quality content,” another follower chimed in. “You are flawless even if you can’t keep your balance. 😍🔥 🥵 🤣 🎃,” another fan added. “Definitely the wrong shoes for that workout hahaha,” another follower teased.

Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of Jen Selter’s Hilarious Halloween Video!

Jen Selter pumpkin squat fail
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Best fail ever…haha,” another fan wrote. “Ahhhh hahaha! Where’s your bodysuit from I’m obsessed!” another follower chimed in. Several fans actually asked her about where they could grab her Halloween-themed outfit for themselves, but so far, Jen hasn’t replied!

Another follower dropped a long comment, writing, “Hi jen selter I like your video that I watch just now it is viral all ready on tik tok that is good that you didn’t drop the pumpkin in this video I like your video okay thank you nice to see you happy Halloween to you have a good Friday morning I love it as your fan 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃.” Some fans encouraged her to try the challenge again… maybe in leggings and sneakers this time!

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent post, she said that it’s “better being single” while flaunting her sunned buns in a tiny pink thong bikini. Fans can check out that sultry snap by clicking here.


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