Disney Warning Restricts Certain Guests From Water Attraction

Spaceship Earth in EPCOT


Spaceship Earth in EPCOT

Credit: Lee (myfrozenlife), Flickr

Guests at Walt Disney World Resort have discovered what appears to be new warnings on signage that restrict certain guests from areas of EPCOT.

The iconic line that Walt Disney once said when opening EPCOT was “too all who come to this happy place, welcome”, and while almost anyone is allowed into Disneyland and Disney World (with a paid ticket, of course), there are certain restrictions and rules that guests must follow in order to be allowed in, and to not be kicked out. 

Spaceship Earth in EPCOT
Credit: Lee (myfrozenlife), Flickr

In certain water areas, there are specific rules that look a lot like rules you might see at your Disney resort pool. EPCOT now has a multitude of water features, with Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana now open to the public. Prior to that attraction opening in World Nature at EPCOT, there was, and still is the Liquid Layers splash pad. Guests walking toward Space 220 and Mission: SPACE have surely seen kids running through the splash zone

Phil (@TheHorizoneer) posted a photo of the Liquid Layer Rules which are noted as if the splash pad area was a pool, and while its not a body of water, it still adheres to the same rules that pool area would. One rule stuck out to Phil, as they highlighted the “Do not use fountain if you are ill with diarrhea” section.

never thought we’d get to see this in EPCOT font

This is a warning that we recently also saw added to Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

While neither offering will fully submerge guests in water, it does use water to constantly run, and reuses that same water, as the sign notes, it is recirculated. If something harmful were to hit the water, not only would it quickly spread, but it would end up contaminating the stream. As this splash pad is heavily geared towards kids who may not be able to control themselves as easily if they do have a bowl issue, this rule is stated more so for parents and guardians, to ensure that they do not allow their kids to potentially have an “oops” moment.

Crowds taking over EPCOT's World Showcase
Credit: George Trovato / Flickr

At EPCOT, we have seen a ton of changes as of late in the front section of the park before guests arrive at World Showcase. World Celebration Garden just opened, as well as the Walt Disney photo op moment. There are now tons of seating areas for guests, as well as new led flooring that matches the lighting on Spaceship Earth at night. For now, the completion of World Discovery and World Nature are still underway, and will be finished in 2024.

Rules to Follow at Disney

As we shared, there are multiple rules that Disney guests should follow in order to not be asked to leave the theme parks, or, in general, to be granted entry into the theme parks. The rules and regulations for Disney can be found on their website, but there are some that we have seen Disney cracking down on more specifically as of late.

Just a few months ago, we saw a content creator not be allowed into Magic Kingdom for having microphones on them. Disney has a rule against commercial filming, and while there are hundreds of YouTubers and TikTokers that make videos in the parks each day, if a technical item looks to be too professional, Disney will ask the guest to put it away before entering the park.

Main Street, U.S.A. inside of Magic Kingdom park at Disney World.
Credit: Inside The Magic

In the case of this guest, they were not even allowed to use a locker, as that was located in the park, and the microphones had to be held outside of the theme park area.

We also saw one guest who was reportedly told be security to to use their equipment for filming still pull it out. The guests were asked to put away the equipment, and after not complying, were trespassed and banned from the park.

Disney has also been banning any third party tour guides for conducting business in the theme parks without authorization from Disney. As Disney is private property, they have the ability to make rules like this, and also, can trespass whomever they would like. While there have been tour guide businesses operating in the theme parks for 25 years, outside of what Disney themselves offers, it was only until a few weeks ago that Disney issues a massive crackdown, banning any unofficial guide working for a third-party company without warning, due to them breaking this rule.

Guests aboard the Magic Kingdom Ferryboat
Credit: D23

Dress code issues have also become prominent with the rise of social media, as guests have been dressing with revealing clothing items in attempt to be told they cannot enter the park for content purposes. In the past, Disney would allow a guest to pick a new clothing item from their gift shops from Mickey Mouse, as the initial belief was that the guest did not know about the dress code, but after the multiple viral videos abused this kindness, Disney will turn guests away immediately.

What other rules do you think are important for guests to follow while at Disney? 


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