Dhawal searches for Natasha and spots her having laugh with Sandip


Pandya Store

Tonight’s Pandya Store episode commences with Sandip escorting Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) in the name of Pandya Store, cautioning her about the dangerous goons there. Natasha recollects the disrespect she faced at the Makwana house and how Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) supported her, considering his guidance on self-defence techniques. Dhawal contemplates checking with Suman about Natasha’s return, using the excuse of delivering Isha’s jewellery for a ritual. Suman delays sending Natasha to her sisters-in-law, claiming she must be tired, leaving Dhawal uncertain about Natasha’s whereabouts.

Disguising herself with a cloth, Natasha cleverly uses red chilli powder to deter the goons. Sandip, irritated, realizes Natasha’s sharp wit and wonders why the goons didn’t reveal Dhawal’s involvement in the plan. Determined to take Natasha to a hotel room, Sandip schemes to keep her from leaving easily. Chirag playfully teases Dhawal about searching for Natasha, highlighting their inseparable bond.

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Dhawal explains to Chirag that Natasha’s actions, like arranging Isha’s marriage, indicate a different family perspective than his. Chirag questions Dhawal’s sacrifice for the family, urging him to let Natasha move on. Sandip intentionally sabotages the car, faking a breakdown. Meanwhile, Suhani reassures Dhawal about their impending marriage and appreciates his support against Natasha. As Natasha questions Sandip about the car, he manipulates her into believing the area is unsafe, suggesting they go to a nearby hotel.

Natasha, observant, notices a passing truck and convinces the driver to drop them at the resort. Sandip’s plan fails, leaving him frustrated. Amrish complains to Amba about Bhavin’s behaviour, blaming Natasha’s influence. Natasha witnesses Sandip’s misstep and laughs. The episode concludes with Dhawal spotting Natasha with Sandip.

Precap: Natasha unveils her plan to make the bride vanish, only to find herself fainting amidst the marriage due to someone else’s actions.

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