Dancing On Ice’s Claire Sweeney reveals she suffered mortifying wardrobe malfunction in front of Torvill and Dean


ACTRESS Claire Sweeney revealed that she suffered an epic wardrobe malfunction that saw her flash her BUM to Torvill and Dean.

The Coronation Street star is gearing up for the launch of the ITV skating show this weekend but she admitted that the first time she took to the ice turned out to be a disaster.

Claire Sweeney flashed her bum in an epic wardorbe malfunction


Claire Sweeney flashed her bum in an epic wardorbe malfunctionCredit: PA
Torvill and Dean ended up being flashed by the star


Torvill and Dean ended up being flashed by the starCredit: ITV

An embarrassing fall saw former Brookside star Claire exposing her bare bum to head judges Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean without even realising.

In a new interview, Claire said: “We meet Torvill and Dean and they stand in the middle of the ice and say ‘Welcome’.

“You’ve got to make your way out to them in this huge ice rink. So I’m kind of like Bambi.

“I skate, but then I go bang and I take a really hard fall.”

Claire continued: “I got back up and I thought the main thing here is to carry on, to keep my confidence. If I can carry on, that will be a big achievement for me.

“So I get up and I carry on. I’m really proud of myself and I carry on for half an hour.”

However, it was only once the star made her way back to the dressing room that she realised that she had a tear in her clothes from her fall which had exposed her bare buttock.

The star was left mortified by the incident, saying: “I get in the dressing room and I’m hyperventilating and then I catch myself in the mirror and my leggings are ripped from the top of my bum to the bottom.

“I’d been skating around with my bum hanging out! Literally my bum hanging out. I just thought I’ve got to own this.”

Claire recently joined the cast of hit ITV soap Coronation Street as Cassie Plummer, the estranged mother of Tyrone Dobbs.

Her character has stirred up trouble on the cobbles but Claire will be hoping to have a much smoother ride on the ice.

She also opened up about the ‘real reason’ she had opted to take part in the programme.

Claire admitted she had hoped to get “a really fit body” and a “skater’s bum” following her participation.

She credited friend, RuPaul‘s Drag Race winner The Vivienne, as her inspiration after she lost four stone through taking part in the show.

Claire said: “I’ve had quite a few friends who’ve done it who’ve absolutely loved the experience, and I wanted to get a skater’s bum for Christmas!

“I look at what The Vivienne lost, like nearly four stone. How wonderful to learn a new skill, get a really fit body, and you know what? As you get older, you get a bit more fearful and you get a bit more cautious.

“To really conquer something that is terrifying is wonderful.”

The star will take to the ice this weekend


The star will take to the ice this weekendCredit: ITV


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