BTS’ Jimin does not want to share this experience with ARMY. Would he be embarrassed?


On December 5th, the members of BTS held a live broadcast through Weverse where V and Jungkook showed off their new haircuts in one way or another; however, Jimin openly revealed that he doesn’t want to share this experience with ARMY, which might be because he is embarrassed to show off this look.

During the broadcast, RM assured that many ARMYs would be shocked to see Jimin go from his current long blonde hair to completely shaved hair. It was then that the idol replied, “I intend to do it quietly; without anyone knowing, I wouldn’t even show it to them“.

At this point, many ARMYs have been waiting for the traditional haircut reveal from the remaining BTS members since the moment BIGHIT MUSIC announced that they were starting the process for their military enlistment, so this comment from Jimin caused a bit of disappointment for some fans.

Still, many ARMYs are hoping that he just said it as a joke, but if he really doesn’t want to make a revelation like everyone else, the fandom has agreed not to insist on and respect Jimin’s personal decision, because in the end, what’s really important for fans is that each member feels good during the process.


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