AWW! Check out Aishwarya Khare and Rohit Suchanti’s CANDID moment from the sets

Bhagya Lakshmi: AWW! Check out Aishwarya Khare and Rohit Suchanti's CANDID moment from the sets


MUMBAI : Bhagya Lakshmi, a Zee TV show, tells the story of Lakshmi’s life taking an unexpected turn when she marries a wealthy businessman named Rishi Oberoi. Despite this, when she learns the truth about her marriage, she feels betrayed.

One of Zee TV’s most popular shows is Bhagya Lakshmi, starring Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare. Among the other stars of the show are Aman Gandhi, Munira Kudrati, and Smita Bansal.

One of the reasons why the show is so successful is because the cast shares a great camaraderie off-screen as well. They keep sharing pictures and videos together on their social media accounts.

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Recently, Aishwarya Khare took to her Instagram and shared a very cute candid moment captured on the sets of her along with Rohit Suchanti. The two can be seen sharing a laugh about something and looking adorable.

Aishwarya wrote, “Have a Rishmililcious Sunday.”

They have a ship name given to them by fans, Rishmi, which means Rishi and Lakshmi together.

Check it out here:

The cast keeps sharing such glimpses and the fans love to watch it. They adore watching their favorite celebs off-screen.

The show has been doing quite well and receiving a lot of love from the audience. According to the latest plot, Lakshmi is highly suspicious of Malishka and Balwinder being linked. Lakshmi is of the opinion that if Malishka can hurt innocent people for her wishes then Rishi does not deserve to be with a person like Lakshmi.

She feels it is highly risky for Rishi to have a partner like Malishka. Lakshmi then makes up her mind to expose Malishka and get her out of Rishi’s life forever.

Lakshmi is well aware that Malishka is evil and is planning to catch her red-handed in her actions. Malishka tries to discover the truth whether Rishi had met Balwinder. Malishka meanwhile also tries to find out if the real culprit has been caught or not.

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