Anderson Cooper Does Tequila Shots On Live TV, Immediately Regrets It


CNN lifted the booze ban it had put in place for last year’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, allowing hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen to knock back celebratory shots on the air once again.

“Does daddy get his juice?” Cohen asked early in Sunday night’s show from Times Square.

“Can daddy get his juice responsibly?” Cooper asked in return.

Cohen broke out a bottle of tequila and a pair of shot glasses, clearly happy with the decision.

Cooper, who is not a drinker, was less happy about it. He played along ― but didn’t even try to hide his reaction to the tequila:

After another shot an hour later, Cooper wasn’t any happier:

The ban was put in place last year after Cohen had some wild moments during the 2021 broadcast, including insults aimed at Ryan Seacrest, Mark Zuckerberg, and then-New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

He later admitted he had been “a bit overserved.”

With booze off the menu last year, the two were given alcohol-free “mystery” shots and tried to guess what they were. They had pickle juice, buttermilk and more.

Based on Cooper’s reaction to the tequila on Sunday night, he may have preferred the pickle juice.


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