Worst moments of Emmy Awards 2024 featuring 9/11 attacks & Mama Doris: READ

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After facing a four-month delay attributing the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes last year, the 75th Emmy Awards finally found the opportunity to hand out the statuettes to the long-decided winners of TV on Monday, January 15. 

Emmy Award 2023 saw Succession and The Bear sweeping majority of the awards, they won six each, with Netflix’s The Beef trailing shortly behind with five Emmys in their bag. Amid the handing out of trophies and celebrating the best TV achievements in the past, the award ceremony also stood witness to some of the best and worst moments on television. Leaving out the best ones, we have rounded up 5 worst moments from the alas-concluded Emmy Awards. Take a look. 

5. Lack of research ladies and gentlemen will lead to a blunder

Hannah Waddingham becomes the subject of Leverene Cox's OOPS moment (E! Live)

Laverne Cox had an oops moment while covering the From the Red Carpet segment for E! Live. The host appeared enthusiastic to interact with Hannah Waddingham, the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee but made a blunder when she addressed her wrong. Cox introduced Hannah Waddingham as Hanna Waddington on live cam. The actress, though, gracefully corrected her. Get your homework in place before a special event folks! 

4. The show reunions missed the bullseye

Grey's Anatomy reunion at the 75th Emmy Awards (Getty Images)

In an effort to celebrate the best of television yet, the Emmy organizers tapped iconic TV shows to have a reunion during the award ceremony. What they thought would be a heartfelt nostalgic trip down the TV history lane ended up falling flat like most of Jo Koy’s jokes at the Golden Globes. Who’s writing the scripts this award season? 

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3. Mama Doris blurred the lines between funny and rude 

Doris Bowman at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards (Youtube Screengrab)

The Emmys handed out 27 awards earlier tonight, meaning 27 acceptance speeches to get by. In a bid to keep the show under the clock, the producers decided to bring in a human clock in the name of Doris Bowman. Host for the night, Anrhony Aderson’s mom screamed times up whenever an award recipient ran their time for the acceptance speech. The Emmys may have found it funny or entertaining on the paper, but when executed it came out as plain rude and annoying. Cannot blame Mama Doris though! She was given a script. 

2. Emmys got extra by bringing Travis Barker to play the drums but who liked it? 

Travis Barker plays drums for Anthony Anderson's monologue (Getty Images)

After a steamy PDA with wife Kourtney Kardashian on the red carpet, the Blink-182 drummer took center stage to play the drums for host Anthony Anderson’s opening monologue. He, however, couldn’t charm the audience and it’s not his fault. Who needs drums for a monologue? 

1. How did 9/11 find screen time at the Primetime Emmy Awards? 

Top Tv Moments at Emmys featuring 9/11 attacks (Emmy Awards)

The Primetime Emmy celebrated its diamond jubilee, meaning it’s 75th year this year. To mark the milestone, the Television Academy put together a montage of clips tracing the best moments in television history since the 1950s. What made the audience flip though was that the montage featured clips of the Twin Towers burning down and the comprehensive coverage of the 9/11 attacks. How did the 9/11 coverage make it to the list of best moments on television is a question worth asking. 

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