Will Leonard and Penny get together?

As long-time fans of The Big Bang Theory may remember, the two finally officially got together at the start of season two. However, this phase of their relationship proved to be a bit ahead of its time, as the two would inevitably break up in Season 3, Episode 19 (“The Wheaton Recurrence”) over Penny thinking the relationship had become too serious for her.

However, when the duo finally gets back together in Season 5, Episode 13 (“The Recombination Hypothesis”), Leonard seems to accept Penny’s criticism of him for always overthinking everything, including what their relationship is and where she is going.

Even though Leonard knows the risks he’s taking by resuming his relationship with Penny on “The Big Bang Theory,” he still decides to take the plunge. His gamble also pays off, as not only do he and Penny get married in the final seasons of the series, but they also have plans to start a family in the series finale. While several other romantic connections are formed throughout the series, fans will likely always have a soft spot for Leonard and Penny’s relationship on The Big Bang Theory.

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