Why is Brendan Fraser not attending the Golden Globes?

Brendan Fraser


Brendan Fraser is getting considerable buzz for his starring role in next month’s “The Whale.” Brendan Fraser cited his “history” with the organization in a new interview for not planning on attending the next Golden Globes. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has more history with me than I have respect for it, according to Brendan Fraser. During an interview with GQ published on Wednesday, the actor explained that he would not participate in the event. The actor seems to be referring to the allegations he made in 2018 against Philip Berk, former president of the HFPA, who he alleges groped him at an event in 2003.

My mother did not raise a hypocrite, Fraser told GQ about his decision. There are a lot of things you can call me, but not that. The encounter Fraser had with Philip Berk at a luncheon hosted by the organization at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2018 was described in another profile for GQ in 2018, in which Fraser claimed Berk grabbed his rear end and touched him between his genitals and his anus through his pants. It made me feel ill. During that time, Fraser said, “I felt like a child.” My throat felt like it had a ball in it. There was a moment when I thought I would cry. According to Philip Berk, he pinched Fraser’s buttock in jest during the event in question but denied any wrongdoing.

Brendan Fraser
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Brendan Fraser Says He Won’t Be Attending Golden Globes Award After History With Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Brendan Fraser’s “history” with the event’s host, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Brendan Fraser says he will not appear at the 2023 Golden Globes if his upcoming movie “The Whale” receives a nomination. He accused former HFPA president Philip Berk of assault in 2018 during the Me Too movement. Fraser is making it clear he will not attend the January awards show if nominated. In an interview with GQ published on Wednesday, Fraser said, I have more history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association than I have respect for it. I won’t participate. In a 2018 interview with GQ, Fraser claimed he was groped by Berk during a summer luncheon hosted by the HFPA. The actor reported that Berk grabbed his butt as he reached out to shake Berk’s hand in a crowded room. Fraser’s accusation was immediately denied by Philip Berk.

Later, Philip Berk was expelled from the organization as a board member after calling Black Lives Matter a hate movement. When the interview took place in 2018, the HFPA released a statement stating that the organization “firmly opposes sexual harassment. Fraser declined to sign a joint statement that said the grope was intended to be taken as a joke. As Fraser explained in a recent interview with GQ, I knew they would kick the can down the road. I knew they would get ahead of the story. I knew I would have no future working in that system. As a result of my mother’s raising, I was not raised as a hypocrite. Brendan Fraser plays a reclusive English teacher trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, which opens on 9th December. At the upcoming Gotham Awards, he is nominated for outstanding lead performance, and he is widely thought of as one of the likely best actor nominees at the Oscars.


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