Vanshaj 26th December 2023 Written Update: Kabir makes things worse for Yuvika.


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Episode starts with Bhanu reminding Yuvika about a shlok. He says that she is not able to fulfil Isha’s responsibility. Yuvika says that whatever happened to Isha is a planned phenomenon and she would surely find out the culprit. Bhanu asks what she has done yet. Yuvika asks for a little time. Bhanu reminds her that life might give her some time, but the market won’t so she must hurry up. According to her, Bhanu’s trust in her is her biggest strength. She says to Dada babu that the way he scolded her reminded her of her father Prem. She promises Bhanu to sort things out and Bhanu blesses her in turn.

Kabir balances a peg of whiskey on his face and dances to music on a terrace. He celebrates his win although the wardrobe malfunction is not his work. He tells himself that Yuvika would never be able to win against him. Yuvika tells Neel that she has thought of keeping the Prem Bhoomi project on hold for sometime. Neel suggests that they can’t do this right now since they must not forget about the 2%Mahajan share keot on colateral. Yuvika asks if he got any information regarding Simone. Neel says that he is trying to find out but tells her about a confusion. He asks why she thinks that this is done by Simone and not Dj.

Kabir attends an online meeting with high following meme pages and message group admins. He bribed them with a full paid holiday and asked them to make memes of the Mahajan group and spread it in the market. Yuvika says that her instinct is telling her that Dj and Simone are responsible for this issue. She is very worried about Isha. Arjun tries to distract Isha but she remains silent and keeps thinking about the event day situation. Arjun tells Isha that she has no fault in whatever happened.

Dj puts the newspaper in front of Bhanu and creates a scene regarding the image and reputation of the Mahajan group. He says that even before the opening of the market, their share prices would touch the ground that hasn’t happened before. Gargi talks about disgusting memes that she has been receiving since morning. Gargi taunts Bhoomi and tries to manipulate her against Yuvika.

Yuvika decides to have a meeting with India’s topmost social media agency. Neel boosts her confidence. Yuvika meets them through a video call and talks to them about the “Prem Bhoomi “ launch disaster. She tries to convince the media personnel but they are not ready to listen to her. She raises the question whether a woman has no right to have a dream of her own. Episode ends.

Precap : Media would call the wardrobe malfunction launch incident a publicity stunt. 

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Vanshaj 25th December 2023 Written Update:

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