Urfi Javed covers her modesty with broken-heart-shaped top, suffers a major OOPS moment; trolls call her ‘Besharam aurat’

Urfi Javed has posted a video wearing a broken-heart-shaped top paired with black pants with a caption, ‘A little late to valentines party ! Dayum !! Wanted to wear this for valentines.’ The video begins with Urfi taking a turn towards the camera and it turned an oops moment for the actress as it led to her exposing her modesty. The video went viral within hours of being uploaded as netizens began trolling Urfi Javed mercilessly. Some of the negative comments read, ‘Besharam aurat’, ‘Osm look but aapne body part ko thoda cover krna chahiye tha bakki thik hai’ and ‘Chupana bhi nehi aata dekhana bhi nehi aata’. For more news and updates, stay tuned to ETimes.

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