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Teodora Džehverović is twerking

Teodora Džehverović created chaos at her performance, and only one video set social networks ablaze.

Source: Instagram/muzika_biosamtu

Everyone was looking at the T-shirt under which everything was outlined, and soon rumors began to spread that a Red Star basketball player had his eye on her, and then that she did not come to the derby because of him, but because of a Partizan player. She denied all these stories, and now she has become topic number 1 on social networks, this time for a slightly different reason.

Teodora is known as a singer who tries very hard to provide the audience with a real stage spectacle in addition to singing at her performances, and her challenging stylings are talked about for weeks after the performance. The singer now once again threw the audience into a trance at her performance.

The video that appeared on social networks became viral, and because the moment when the singer in a tight leotard that hides little, turns her back to the audience and starts twerking, many people’s “jaws dropped”. People chanted, and many consider this her most provocative performance ever.

Jehva works hard on her line every day, and the video from the gym with her hot roommate created chaos. Recently, she stirred up passions when she posed topless on a fat minus, surrounded by snow and ice.

See also how she stole all the attention at the basketball derby without a brush!

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