SEVENTEEN’s DK hilariously comments on his unexpected dance break during BBS’ performance at AAA 2023



On Wednesday, December 14, SEVENTEEN’s DK, Hoshi, and Seungkwan, the BSS sub-unit of the thirteen-piece K-pop group, rolled out a performance of their singles, 7PM, Just Do It and Fighting (feat. Lee Youngji) at the Asia Artist Award 2023. It’s been a long time since fans got a glimpse of BSS performing their songs, so fans and the other audience at the award ceremony were excitedly cheering.

However, what fans didn’t see coming was DK suddenly coming to the front of the stage and twerking during their dance break for Just Do It. Even his fellow members, Seungkwan and Hoshi, along with their backup dancers, were surprised by the incident.

While the video naturally went viral over the internet, Seungkwan couldn’t resist posting the moment on Weverse, and DK replied to it, stating that he hadn’t planned it either.

“I didn’t mean to twerk… I really kicked the blanket at night…Anyway as long as everyone had fun.”

Fans hilariously discuss SEVENTEEN DK’s reply to Seungkwan’s Weverse post about his iconic twerk dance break at the AAA 2023

On December 14, the Asia Artist Awards 20223 was rolled out at the Phillippines Arena, gathering a long list of exciting artists such as Stray Kids, STAYC, SEVENTEEN’s BSS, etc. As a tradition of award ceremonies, many of these artists were also seen performing at the event, and SEVENTEEN’s subunit, BSS, including Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan, was no exception.

As the members rolled out their performances, cheers filled the venue, exciting the fans and fellow artists in the audience. Their first single, Just Do It, released in 2018, showcased its continuous influence as people immediately got up and started cheering the members as they rolled out their energetic performance. However, everyone was collectively shocked to see that DK, who led the song’s final chorus, went to the very front of the stage and started to twerk to the beat of Just Do It.

The moment seemed purely unplanned when people saw that even Seungkwan, Hoshi, and their backup dancers were surprised at his dance. To do some damage control, Seungkwan went toward the idol and dragged him back to the center stage to stop him from his impulsive twerking. Fans found the moment hilarious and couldn’t stop talking about the same on the internet.

Soon enough, Seungkwan himself posted about the iconic moment on Weverse, with his long review about the same. While his post was initially a gratitude letter for the remarkable award BSS won at the AAA 2023 for Performance of the Year, he couldn’t help but talk about the idol’s dance.

“The last freestyle in Dokyeom hyung is… What are you doing, Running man? It’s so absurd that it reminded me of the meme. It was because he was too excited, please understand. I though he was doing the Gangnam Style dance. Another behind-the-scenes story that I’m curious about… In the Live…I’ll let you go.”

Naturally, the star of the show, SEVENTEEN’s DK, replied to the post by stating that the twerking was never planned and was quite embarrassed about it, too. However, he also added that people were able to enjoy it.

“That’s.. I didn’t mean to twerk.. Really I was kicking the blanket last night … Anyway as long as everyone had a lot of fun.”

Regardless of the idol’s embarrassment about his actions, fans thoroughly enjoyed the moment and couldn’t stop talking about it.

SEVENTEEN’s BSS also bagged the honorable award of Performance of the Year at the Asia Artist Award 2023 for the energetic stages of their latest single album title track, Fighting (feat. Lee Youngji).

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