Remember When Louisiana Students Twerked in a Christmas Parade?


Do you remember when a bunch of Louisiana students twerked during a Christmas parade? It wasn’t our proudest moment.

Tis the season to… twerk?!? If you’re not familiar with the term, twerking is defined by Wikipedia as a ‘type of dance that emerged from the bounce music scene of New Orleans in 1990, which has a broader origin among other types of booty dancing.’ The keyword there is ‘booty.’ Yes, they were shaking their little tushes in honor of Jesus’ birth.

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This auspicious event happened in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, ten years ago in 2013. Teens and tweens twerked to Sissy Nobby’s Crazy Bout My Boifriend at the Grand Coteau Alive Annual Christmas Parade in St. Landry Parish. And yes, the song does talk about ‘making that a$$ go loop.’ Appropriate? Probably not.

I’m personally not sure that songs with profanity belong in a Christmas parade – or twerking at all, for that matter. Am I too conservative? What do you think? Would you want your kids exposed to this? Or, is it a simple matter of pop culture making its way into public events?

Sadly, the story made national news on outlets like TheTrentOnline, Hollywood Life, and Media Takeout. Since then, the video has been taken down and while I’d love to post it for you, I don’t blame them for removing it from YouTube. After the public outcry, would you want to admit to being involved?

So, getting down to business. Here’s what I want to know. Do you think something like this could happen in Louisiana in 2023? Would you even care? Inquiring minds want to know. Shoot me a message using our free app or email me at

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