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Most people pick out just one Halloween costume every year. Playboy model Amanda Nicole Martin is not most people. She not only picks out several of them, she puts them on weeks before Halloween arrives.

Amanda has already dressed up as several characters this month. She’s shared looks as Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, the Bride of Chucky, Harley Quinn and Lady Death just to name a few.

Playboy model Amanda Nicole Martin Halloween costume
Playboy model as Lara Croft and the Bride of Chucky (Image Credit: Amanda Nicole Martin/Instagram)

It was her Lady Death costume that caused some controversy. Amanda went to a cemetery as the Marvel character for a photo shoot. Part of that photo shoot including a video where she did some graveside twerking.

She shared her Lady Death look back on October 1 with the caption, “Rate my Lady Death look 1-100 Happy October, tis spooky szn and i celebrate Halloween all month long.”

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Most of Amanda’s almost 9 million followers didn’t mind the location of the photo shoot. But not all of them. There were some who found twerking on graves in a Halloween costume disrespectful.

“Sorry but that is disrespectful,” someone commented. “Doing a photo shot on graves of actual dead people…. show respect.”

“Pls tell Me u aren’t putting your crab infested [peach emoji] on real people’s Graves..,” another said.

“You have absolutely no respect,” a third read. “Not only for yourself but for others.”

I’m not going to defend twerking at the cemetery. The people on either side of that argument aren’t ever going to see eye to eye on the subject.

I will, however, point out that the people buried there don’t have a clue that it’s happening. And if they did, who’s to say that some of them wouldn’t be down with it? She did nail the Lady Death look after all.


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