Playboy model Amanda Nicole Martin slammed for dressing up as Lady Death and twerking in cemetery


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Playboy model Amanda Nicole Martin has left her fans fuming after she shared pictures and videos of her posing as Lady Death in a cemetery. In a post on Instagram, she can be seen posing on graves and twerking in the graveyard. She asked netizens to rate her look which, however, did not invite a very pleasing response. The comments section was filled with remarks about how this was disrespectful to the dead.


Lady Death is a Marvel character who has pale grey skin, wears just a bikini and thongs with skulls on them, and carries a katana. In celebration of the month of Halloween, Martin was seen wearing a similar outfit. She had painted her body pale grey, donned latex stockings with straps adorned with skull pictures and thongs. She also wrote in the caption how she celebrates Halloween “all month long,” according to the NY Post.



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Martin, who has been sharing her Halloween looks since the beginning of October, shared two different posts on October 2 and October 9 dressed as the Marvel character. The first post is captioned, “Rate my Lady Death look 1-100 ☠️ Happy October, tis spooky szn and i celebrate Halloween all month long 🤪 @_theamandanicole_ #ladydeath #ladydeathcosplay #halloween.” 


Netizens were not at all amused. “Sorry but that is disrespectful. Doing a photo shot on graves of actual dead people…. show respect.” said a user. While another user said, “Pls tell Me u aren’t putting your crab infested 🍑 on real people’s Graves..” But Martin seemed to have responded in her comment section as she said, “I literally am getting haunted at night by ghost puppies bc i desecrated a pet cemetery for these photos 🙄 so y’all better like this post lol,” trying to imply that she did the shoot in a pet cemetery. But it still was not enough to convince her fans as one user replied, “Feed and play with animals at the shelter for a while do good without rewards.”


Amanda Nicole Martin/Instagram
Fans were not at all amused with the stunt Amanda  Nicole Martin pulled off in a graveyard (the_amanda_nicole/Instagram)

In a reel she shared on October 9, she was seen twerking and strolling in the graveyard as she captioned it, “Do you think i’ll ever be able to top my Lady Death Cosplay? 👻 What do you wanna see next? @_theamandanicole_”. Fans stuck to their guns and continued to slam her. “This has to be disrespectful at a grave yard,” read one comment while another user said, “this is sick but aint it a slight disrespect to do this all at a grave yard?”


However, there were a significant number of people praising the look as well, as one comment read, “You came close with Leia last year. Supergirl or Powergirl from DC comics,” while another one read, “Gonna be hard to top it. I had a figure of her since I was a kid so she was definitely one of my awakenings 😂 you do her justice for sure 🔥❤️”


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